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Covid, the alarm of anesthesiologists: “Risk of intensive care full within a month”

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“We are in full fourth wave, there is great concern, the Government will intervene before the yellow areas”. This is said by Antonino Giarratano, president of the Italian Society of Anesthesia, analgesia, resuscitation and intensive care (Siaarti).

“The reaching of 10 thousand new cases of people infected by Covid-19, with + 95% of hospitalizations and + 8% of presences in intensive care are increasingly serious signs. With these figures and with this worrying trend, which falls in the autumn and winter period when the critical areas are already under pressure, within a month the hospital system of intensive care risks dangerously clogging »explains Giarratano.

Aifa, the vaccination obligation is not excluded

francesco rigatelli

Yesterday there were 9,709 cases and 46 deaths but the president of Siaarti asks “the government to immediately implement the necessary maneuvers for greater social and health care, without waiting for the yellow color which means 15% of hospitalizations more and more deaths ».

However, it must certainly be said that fortunately “we are not in the dramatic situation we experienced last winter: today we have vaccines that are importantly defending the health of millions of Italians”. “This – continues Giarratano – means that today the hospitalized are mainly people who have refused vaccination and others who instead – even if vaccinated – have particularly fragile conditions and high risk factors and are emerging after 10 months of full coverage from the infection. But this situation will soon add to the seasonal flu which causes about 8,000 deaths among the most fragile patients and which in the coming weeks will begin to circulate in our country leading to a crowding of dangerous and probably unsustainable hospitalizations “.

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Third dose, how to do? Here are all the answers

Paolo Russo

“After admission to intensive care, patients have a 30 to 75% chance of dying. – warns President Siaarti – We must avoid this type of hospitalization as much as possible. Our appeal as a scientific society of anesthetists-resuscitators, and therefore of professionals who more than anyone has lived and is living the pandemic on the front line, is therefore clear and precise: we ask all Italians to get vaccinated and vaccinated for more than 6 months. to take the third dose ».

“In the presence of ever higher numbers of hospitalizations, we will have to reserve places in intensive care for Covid-19 hospitalized patients, thus reducing the beds available for chronic exacerbated patients, surgical and cancer patients, cardiopaths, polytrauma patients and all those with acute syndromes that compromise vital functions », concludes Giarratano.

Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation, spoke to the microphones of Radio Cusano Campus and explained that: «In Italy the numbers of cases are increasing significantly, from 2500 weekly cases we have gone to over 10 thousand. But it is important to note that in the face of this increase we have not had a huge impact on hospitals. This is the demonstration that the protection offered by vaccines, especially against serious disease, is working excellently “.

Covid, from the Super Green Pass to compulsory vaccination and third doses: all the government’s decisions to counter the fourth wave

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