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Covid, the principals at the Cts: shed light on quarantines

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On the protocol concerning quarantines, the school world is waiting for CTS and the Ministry of Health “to give precise indications. We look forward to the guidelines that must be precise and leave little room for interpretation; they must be prescriptive otherwise the ASL behave in ways We are probably waiting to understand how the situation evolves in order to have more precise indications and understand how to orient these lines “. To tell the Ansa it is Mario Rusconi, president of the presidents of the Anp.

Covid, the school clears the quarantine. “No Dad with a single infection”

by Michele Bocci

The head teacher also speaks of paradoxes that occur daily and that make life difficult for those who work in schools. “From the age of 12 – explains Rusconi – when children go to exhibitions, museums, cinemas, theaters but also participate in the school-work training hours in the company, the school cannot ask, for privacy reasons, if they have the Green pass: therefore on the one hand we organize study or alternation trips, where Green pass is requested for entry into companies, on the other hand for confidentiality schools cannot ask for documentation relating to health data. we rely on people’s intelligence and common sense: we are waiting for a circular to avoid these contradictions, we need them “.

Outbreak in a middle school in Bologna. Four classes in quarantine, positive an unvaccinated teacher

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