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Covid, the return to the parish of three priests who have come out of the hospital

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Don Umberto Antonio and Don Rinaldo Sommacal

Belluno, the communities are preparing to embrace Don Umberto, Don Rinaldo and Don Riccardo again

BELLUNO. Pain, in the diocese of Belluno Feltre, for the death of 6 priests in the last 4 months, 4 of which affected by Covid. But also satisfaction because three other priests left the hospital after a worrying hospitalization: Don Riccardo Parissenti, a young and appreciated parish priest of San Vito di Cadore; Don Umberto Antoniol, equally beloved parish priest of San Giuseppe Lavoratore, in Feltre; don Rinaldo Sommacal, archpriest emeritus of the cathedral of Belluno, historical figure of priest close above all to the most fragile people.

Don Riccardo and Don Umberto will resume service in their parishes as soon as the conditions arise.

The Church of Belluno Feltre has crossed long weeks of apprehension for all three its priests, who are still convalescing. Bishop Renato Marangoni and his collaborators provided coverage for liturgical services, especially for the celebration of masses.

On April 10, the first fell 5 years of episcopal ordination of Bishop Renato Marangoni in the diocese.

«Dear Bishop Renato», he wrote to him the vicar general, don Graziano Dalla Caneva, «This is a time when events have taken away from us the possibility and the desire to celebrate. All the more so in recent months, in which “sister death” so many times knocked on the doors of this land and also on our diocesan presbytery. However, today we do not want to forget how the fifth anniversary of his episcopal ordination falls ”.

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The diocese thanks its bishop for the first 5 years of service. “It has not always been an easy path, but we have made it together with her, because together with her we look to the Lord”, the vicar reassures him.

In recent years, Marangoni has dedicated himself to accompanying priests, but above all of the laity, and not only of those closest to the church. He reformed the pastoral organization, rationalizing the foranias in foranial convergences and starting interparochial collaborations.

In the last weeks the bishop was “very shaken”, as he himself admitted, by the death of numerous priests who among other things he appreciated for the dedication to their service and once again invited the laity to take on a whole series of pastoral and administrative tasks. –


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