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Covid, they do not respect closing hours: pub and kiosk closed in Catania

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The two shops are located respectively in via Gemmellaro and in via della Concordia. Checks also carried out on street vendors of fruit, vegetable and confectionery products

Catania – The controls of the Municipal Police of Catania continue to verify, throughout the municipal area, compliance with the anti-COVID-19 provisions, commercial regulations and the rules on the circulation of vehicles dictated by the Highway Code.

The Inspectors of the Commercial Police Department carried out the temporary closure of two other commercial establishments – a pub in Via Gemmellaro and a kiosk bar in Via della Concordia, in the latter case jointly with the State Police – because both did not respect the opening hours. closing at 18.00, imposed by the legislation for the containment of the pandemic. The two years, in fact, during the checks carried out in the evening, were still fully operational, with numerous customers intent on consuming. The two owners were therefore sanctioned with a fine of 400 euros and with the provisional closure of their business for 5 days.

On the commercial controls front, the Commercial Police sanctioned the owner of a neighborhood business of accessories for motorcycles in via Umberto, because he displayed an unauthorized advertising panel in the building prospectus, in violation of the Building Regulations. And again, two street vendors of non-food products were reported near the Villa Pacini, as they carried on their business without respecting the distances provided by the market areas (500 meters) and occupied public land with their goods without authorization. Furthermore, as a result of routine checks carried out in Viale Mario Rapisardi, Via Timoleone and Via VI Aprile, three other fruit, vegetable and confectionery vendors were sanctioned, as they occupied the roadway with their products without the required administrative authorization. The aforementioned commercial police operations led to the drafting of administrative reports for a total amount of over 2,000 euros.

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Regarding the verification of compliance with the rules of the Highway Code, agents of the Traffic Department carried out an extraordinary control service in Via VI Aprile, using a device consisting of four patrols and a motorcyclist. The service carried out – which involved the control of over 50 vehicles – led to the drafting of 31 reports of the Highway Code, 9 seizures of vehicles for uncovering insurance and 7 administrative stops of motor vehicles for driving without a helmet.

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