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Crash on Feltrina, dies at 24

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A twenty-four-year-old boy from Seren del Grappa lost his life, two others were injured: this is the terrible toll of the crash that took place this afternoon in Carpen, near the Piave bar, which ended up paralyzing traffic along the regional road in Feltre, already the scene of fatal accidents over the years. MP was proceeding towards home and did not miss much, when suddenly, perhaps an illness or a distraction cost him dear: his Hyundai Atos crashed head-on against the guard rail, remaining destroyed.

The other car involved, a Citroen Jumper van that in the meantime was traveling in the opposite lane, was in turn damaged, again from the front, without however reporting the same severity of damage to the bodywork. The two cars thus inevitably remained entangled with each other. The collision took place under the eyes of passing motorists and parked at the club, shocked by the sound of the impact, which immediately foreshadowed the worst. And so it was. Hell broke loose shortly after 3pm.

Two men were traveling aboard the Citroen Jumper on their way to Feltre, when suddenly the other car came in the wrong direction, unable to avoid it. The braking attempt had no effect. The Citroen then hit the Hyundai on the side, crumpling it up on the right side, on the passenger side. Of the two men on board, one will remain unharmed, while the other will be transported by ambulance to Santa Maria del Prato, for investigations, but his condition does not cause concern.

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