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Create a new situation and create a new engine-focusing on new breakthroughs in investment promotion in our province_Jilin

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Original title: Create a new situation and create a new engine-focus on new breakthroughs in investment promotion in our province

Since the beginning of this year, all localities and departments have deepened regional cooperation, promoted industrial agglomeration, and ensured the supply of factors. They have gone all out to invest, project, and attract investment, and have achieved positive progress and results. Starting today, this newspaper will open a sub-column “Grasp investment, grasp projects, and attract investment” under the column “Promote “One Domination, Six Doubles” and Accelerate the Revitalization of Jilin”. Through concentrated and in-depth tracking reports, it showcases the good experience and good practices of various departments in various regions. In order to maintain a stable and positive economic development, we will condense an ideological consensus and gather forces for progress.

From autumn to winter, snow falls in Jilin, but the heat for the development and construction of Baishan, Pine and Water has not diminished.

In Changchun High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Changchun Anwo High-tech Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. plant is still under construction and improvement. The investment promotion project was jointly established by Changchun Hi-tech and Iceland Anvotech, with a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan, and will fill the province’s gap in the production of biopharmaceuticals in this field. And this is just a microcosm of the high-quality development of investment promotion in our province.

Since the beginning of this year, our province has always regarded investment attraction as the lifeline of economic development, closely linked to the theme of high-quality development, focused on the full implementation of the “one main six double” high-quality development strategy, and went all out to invest, grasp projects, grasp investment, and grasp the environment. , Grasping reform and innovation, the province’s investment promotion work has made new breakthroughs.

According to the data provided by the Provincial Department of Commerce, in the first three quarters of this year, there were 1616 funded projects in our province, with 309.16 billion yuan of funds in place, an increase of 15.4% and 30.5% respectively; 1030 new funded projects with 202.06 billion yuan of funds in place. Increased by 75.8% and 88.7% respectively; actual utilization of foreign capital was 656 million US dollars, an increase of 28.3%, 3.14 percentage points higher than that of the whole country, and the growth rate ranked first among the three northeastern provinces, opening up a new phase for the comprehensive revitalization of Jilin during the 14th Five-Year Plan Inject strong momentum.

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Strengthen service business “temperature” continues to rise

The construction of the business environment is a breakthrough point for our province to carry out investment promotion work. Through the holding of various activities, our province has conveyed the warmth of Jilin, released the opportunities of Jilin, and demonstrated the strong attraction of the business environment of Jilin.

Since the beginning of this year, our province has held a provincial business environment construction conference and a service enterprise conference, set up “Entrepreneur Day”, formulated and implemented the “Implementation Rules for Promoting the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises”, and established a “five-level secretary grasping the business environment” working mechanism , Sounded the clarion call to reshape a new business environment. Carry out the “Work Style Construction Year” activities, through the “Service Enterprise Week”, “Ten Thousands Help Ten Thousand Enterprises”, “Optimizing Business Environment Service Month” and other series of thematic activities to stimulate the vitality of grassroots reforms and innovations, and let “caring for business like caring for life” The concept of “Environment, building a business environment like protecting health” is deeply rooted in Jilin.

Huo Junguang, the relevant person in charge of the Foreign Investment Service Department of the Provincial Department of Commerce, told reporters that for some time, through the use of important investment promotion platforms, the intensity of investment promotion has been increased, and foreign investment enterprises have been guided to make full use of the preferential policies issued by the state and fully enjoy the policies. Dividends, increase the service of foreign enterprises, solve various problems for enterprises, etc., and take multiple measures to promote the development of investment promotion.

The “warm” Jilin has received fiery feedback from the market. From January to August this year, the number of newly registered market entities was 385,000, an increase of 48.2%, and the growth rate ranked third in the country; 21,000 newly registered enterprises invested in Kyrgyzstan, a year-on-year increase of 43.2%, Jilin has become an investment company New fertile ground for business establishment, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Innovative carrier investment enthusiasm has increased

Since the beginning of this year, our province has innovated investment promotion methods, optimized the structure of investment attraction, and highlighted key directions. Both “going out” and “inviting in” have brought an investment boom.

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A long report card records the busy pace of our provincial government departments in attracting investment, and also confirms the fruitful results after the rush: Since the beginning of the year, our province has gone to Zhejiang, Guangdong, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Tianjin to carry out economic and trade exchange activities. Accumulatively signed 142 major projects, with a total value of 244.16 billion yuan, and made new progress in docking major national development strategies; organized a series of activities for central enterprises to help Jilin revitalize and develop, signed 49 contract projects, with a total investment of 232.131 billion yuan, opening a new chapter in central-local cooperation; Organize a series of major economic and trade exchange activities such as the 13th Northeast Asia Expo, the 6th Global Kyrgyzstan Business Conference, Joining Hands with China’s Top 500 Enterprises, the Jilin Tour of Multinational Enterprises, the First China New E-commerce Conference, and the Sino-German Automobile Conference, etc. There are 110 projects with a total investment of more than 118.99 billion yuan, and the “friend circle” of investment promotion continues to expand.

“Since entering Jilin in 2009, our biggest feeling has been the changes in the local investment environment. The strong support and assistance given by the governments of Jilin Province during the development and construction of the project has enabled us to successfully complete the project and put it into production as planned.” The feeling of investing in Jilin, said Xiao Xiang, general manager of the Northeast District of China Power Group in Hong Kong. Today, the wind power project invested by the Hong Kong CLP Group in Qian’an County has entered the third phase. After the 100 MW parity wind power project under construction is put into operation, the equivalent power generation hours are expected to be more than 3700 hours. The CLP Qian’an Wind Power Project Every year, it will contribute up to 40 million yuan in tax revenue to the local area.

Many merchants came here to add fire to Jilin’s development. Since the beginning of this year, FAW-Audi New Energy Automobile, Cargill 2 million tons of corn deep processing, Huawei Jilin Regional Headquarters and Changchun Research Institute, China Resources International Automobile City, China Railway Northeast Asia International Convention and Exhibition Center and other large-scale investment, high industrial level, and driving capacity Strong flagship industrial projects have been settled in a concentrated manner, and a new pattern of modern industries featuring multi-point support, multi-industry simultaneous development and diversified development is being accelerated.

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Deepen reform and speed up

Adhering to the market evaluation as the first evaluation, the enterprise experience as the first experience, and the mass satisfaction as the first criterion, our province has continued to deepen various reforms, and the speed of investment promotion has been greatly accelerated.

Since the beginning of this year, our province has comprehensively deepened the reform of “delegating control and service” and “run at most once”, and improved the level of administrative approval and government service. 340 hot and high-frequency government service items have realized “one network service” and “Geely Affairs Office” handheld service applications. There are 216 items; the overall approval time for engineering construction projects is compressed to less than 81 working days, the “standard land + commitment system” only takes 13 days at the fastest, and the enterprise start-up time is compressed from 11 days to 1 day, and the shortest time is only 20 minutes; Jilin Province Project service “acceleration”, “investment must pass Shanhaiguan”, and “investment must pass Shanhaiguan” have become the consensus of more and more enterprises.

In addition, our province has also compiled the “four flow charts” of administrative law enforcement, and implemented the “four checklists” system for inclusive and prudential supervision and law enforcement. In the city credit monitoring index assessed by the National Development and Reform Commission, the prefecture-level city ranks third in the country, and Yanbian is in Ranked first among the 40 prefecture leagues, and the business environment has entered the first phalanx in the country.

Based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, and build a new development pattern, Jilin is attracting investment with high quality, igniting the new engine of comprehensive revitalization in the new era.

Source: Jilin Daily

Editor: Ming Yang

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