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On the new journey, there is a broader stage and a more intense track. We need to stand on the overall situation, focus on the future, dare to think and do, do good, create new opportunities and promote new development.

Recently, Cui Yonghui, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, was in the new airport areaResearchAt the time, it was proposed: to create new opportunities based on the advantages of “air”, build an international hub airport based on Xiamen’s special location advantages; to create new opportunities based on the advantages of “overseas Chinese”, and to actively expand the international route network with the construction of new airports as an opportunity; Create new opportunities around the advantages of “port”, give full play to Xiamen’s role as the strategic fulcrum city of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, and expand the radiation power of Xiamen Port and airport; create new opportunities around the advantages of “Taiwan” and develop through the new airport area , To promote cross-strait connectivity, and strive to take greater steps in exploring the new path of cross-strait integration and development.

Talking about the construction of the new airport, it shows the overall perspective. It shows how Xiamen creates new opportunities around the advantages of “air”, “overseas Chinese”, “Hong Kong” and “Taiwan”, and how to create new opportunities and promote new development for Xiamen. The title, the beginning of the article.

Currently, Xiamen is in the critical period of the beginning of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. Over the past 40 years since the establishment of the special economic zone, Xiamen’s accumulated potential through unremitting efforts is constantly being transformed into development opportunities and momentum. Multi-regional superposition and synergy, such as the special economic zone, the core zone of “Hai Silk”, and the free trade pilot zone, help Xiamen explore a new high-level open economy; the BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership Innovation Base stimulates Xiamen’s technological innovation and industrial digitalization New development momentum; the “Haisi” Central Legal Affairs District is an important starting point for Xiamen to build its core competitiveness in the rule of law. These are all huge opportunities for promoting high-quality development in Xiamen, and we must firmly grasp and make full use of them.

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The opportunities are unprecedented, but the challenges are also unprecedented. Entering a new stage of development, the internal and external situations have undergone complex and profound changes. The new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reforms have developed in depth, the impact of the epidemic in the century has been intertwined, and the instability and uncertainty of the international situation have increased significantly. At the same time, many special policies of the SAR are being “inclusive”, and issues such as tighter constraints on resource elements have become more prominent, and the risks and challenges have become more severe and complex.

The experience accumulated in the construction of special economic zones over the past 40 years shows us that to create a miracle for the development of special economic zones, we must not only seize opportunities, but also be good at creating them. We must take the initiative to respond, turn crises into opportunities, create more opportunities, and transform opportunities into powerful driving forces and surging potential energy for development.

Creating new opportunities and promoting new development requires not only ideas but also paths. We must focus on the advantages of “empty”, “overseas Chinese”, “Hong Kong” and “Taiwan”, closely promote high-quality development, fully and accurately implement the new development concept, take innovation as the first driving force for development, and further promote the reform of the pilot free trade zone. Innovation, reform of key areas and key links, and construction of a first-class business environment; actively integrate into the Yangtze River Delta integration and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, deeply participate in regional division of labor and cooperation, accelerate the creation of domestic and international dual-cycle hub nodes and important channels, and strive to go At the forefront of service and integration into the new development pattern.

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To create new opportunities and promote new development, a team of cadres who dare to dare to experiment and dare to act are required. The original advantages of the SAR are weakening, but the courage, vigor, and vigor of the reform of the SAR cannot be weakened. Faced with the new tasks and tasks of creating new opportunities and promoting new development, we must insist on the unrelaxed perseverance of Qingshan, with the spirit of moving forward with the more difficult and dangerous, not complacent and not slack, dare to take good deeds, and undertake all-round advancement. The important task of the times for high-quality development and transcendence. Only in this way can Xiamen create unlimited opportunities, open up an unlimited stage, and generate unlimited kinetic energy.

Full of windHaitianBroad, pointing down at the waves more calmly. We must fully implement the deployment of the thirteenth party congress in Luoxi, strengthen our lofty ambitions, inspire enterprising spirit, and forge ahead in the course of responsibility, and strive to nurture opportunities in the crisis and open a new game amidst changes. Go forward and try hard to run the relay race.

(Source: Xiamen Daily)


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