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Creating Thousands of Beautiful Villages and Benefiting Thousands of Farmers——Apocalypse of the Twenty-Year Project of “Ten Thousand Projects”_中国网

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20 years flies by. What is the force that has led to great changes in thousands of mountains and villages, and made the lives of thousands of farmers prosperous?

This is a major decision that General Secretary Xi Jinping personally planned, personally deployed, and personally promoted when he was working in Zhejiang——

Since its launch in June 2003, the “Thousand Village Demonstration and Ten Thousand Village Improvement” project has been persevering and persevering for 20 years, creating thousands of beautiful villages and benefiting thousands of farmers. The results are remarkable and the impact is far-reaching.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions on this project many times, emphasizing that it is necessary to summarize and refine in depth, and promote good experiences and good practices. All regions and relevant departments must adhere to the new development concept, adapt measures to local conditions, implement policies according to categories, and accelerate the pace of urban-rural integration. Actively promote the construction of a beautiful China, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, and lay a solid foundation for the realization of Chinese-style modernization.

The tide of the river is surging, and the boats are sailing hard.

Embarking on the new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way, in Zhejiang, a demonstration zone for high-quality development and construction of common prosperity, on the land of China full of vitality, a picture of “thousands of villages to the future, ten thousand villages for common prosperity, urban and rural integration, and global The beautiful scroll of “Creation and Beauty” is slowly unfolding.

The benefit project has given birth to a new style: from beautiful villages to a better life, opening a development road that comprehensively promotes rural revitalization and builds a beautiful China

Blue bricks and black tiles, creative murals, steam trains, coffee and bookstores… Walking into Xinjian Village, Dinghai District, Zhoushan City, you will be greeted with an atmosphere of simplicity and fashion intertwined. There are not only country houses, but also country art galleries and country bookstores.

Xinjian Village, Dinghai District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province (photo taken on August 3, 2020, drone photo).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yu

“Following the ‘beautiful economy’ proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, we have been working harder and harder these years! More and more guests have come, and the annual income of homestays has doubled. I did not expect that the countryside can also become a place that people yearn for.” See To the reporter, Yuan Qizhong, the owner of the farmhouse “Painting Spring Garden”, was full of emotion.

Yuan Qizhong always remembers that scene a few years ago——

In May 2015, when General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Zhejiang for research, he walked into Yuan Qizhong’s home and had a knee-to-nee conversation with village representatives. After listening to everyone’s introduction, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: This is a natural oxygen bar and a “beautiful economy”, which confirms the truth that green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains.

From the remote and backward sea island village to the well-known “net celebrity village” and “demonstration village”, the story of Xinjian Village’s magnificent turnaround due to the “beautiful economy” has become the epitome of countless rural changes in Zhejiang during the promotion of the “Ten Million Project”.

Xinjian Village, Dinghai District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province (photographed on August 3, 2020).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yu

Just 20 years ago, the vast countryside in Zhejiang was a different scene.

Talking about those years, many villagers have deep memories: the vast rural areas are facing “growing pains”, the economy is developing rapidly, but the appearance of the villages is not satisfactory. Someone once described: “Walking through one village after another, every village is a garbage village”. There are also farmers who compare it like this: “Get up early and work late to make money, count money in the garbage dump, and spend money lying in the hospital.”

How to handle the relationship between economic development and environmental protection?

Without research, there is no right to speak. In just 118 days, he traveled to 11 prefectures and cities, and Xi Jinping, who had just arrived in Zhejiang to work, carefully investigated village by village. Adhering to the problem-oriented approach, after in-depth investigation and research, and a full understanding of the situation, the idea of ​​a large-scale village renovation and construction centered on improving the rural ecological environment and improving the quality of life of farmers has gradually matured.

This is a historic project with far-sightedness and foresight——

In June 2003, under the advocacy and auspices of Xi Jinping, then Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, focusing on the improvement of the “three life” environment of rural production, life, and ecology, Zhejiang Province launched the “Thousand Village Demonstration and Ten Thousand Village Renovation” project: In 5 years, about 10,000 administrative villages will be selected from the whole province for comprehensive improvement, and about 1,000 of them will be built into model villages for a comprehensive well-off society.

“The ‘Thousand Villages Demonstration, Ten Thousand Villages Renovation’ project is a leading project to promote the construction of new countryside, an effective starting point for coordinating urban and rural development of ‘Sannong’, and a popular project that benefits tens of millions of farmers. It is necessary to make more villages full of vitality and vitality. Wealthy countryside with unique charm.” Xi Jinping plans the future with foresight.

In July 2003, Xi Jinping proposed the “Eight-Eight Strategy” as the general program and general strategy of Zhejiang provincial governance, which mentioned “creating an ecological province and building a ‘green Zhejiang'”, and the “ten million project” is an important starting point.

Draw blueprints and set up pillars and beams. During his work in Zhejiang, Xi Jinping personally attended the 2003 “Ten Million Project” launch meeting and the “Ten Million Project” site meeting for three consecutive years and delivered a speech, pointing out the direction for the implementation of the “Ten Million Project”. Since then, the “top leaders” in the province have directly grasped this work, which has become an unshakable practice of the previous provincial party committees in Zhejiang.

Emotional caring, dedicated guidance. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly issued important instructions and clear requirements on the further promotion of the “Ten Thousand Project”:

In May 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important instruction emphasizing the need to conscientiously summarize and promote the experience of Zhejiang Province in carrying out the project of “Demonstration of Thousands of Villages and Renovation of Ten Thousand Villages”. To carry out new rural construction in various places, we should adhere to adapting measures to local conditions, classifying guidance, planning first, improving mechanisms, highlighting key points, overall planning and coordination, and through long-term hard work, comprehensively improve rural production and living conditions.

In May 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Xinjian Community in Dinghai District, Zhoushan City during his investigation in Zhejiang. General Secretary Xi Jinping said in the survey that many places in the country are building beautiful villages, partly because they have absorbed the experience of Zhejiang. Zhejiang has beautiful mountains and clear waters. The “thousand-village demonstration and ten-thousand-village renovation” was indeed carried out early and forward-looking. I hope that Zhejiang will make persistent efforts and continue to walk ahead.

In April 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important instruction, calling for the further promotion of Zhejiang’s good experience and practices, adapting measures to local conditions, implementing precise policies, not engaging in “performance projects” and “image projects”, and doing one thing after another, one year after another Work in one year to build a beautiful and ecologically livable village, so that the majority of farmers will have more sense of gain and happiness in the revitalization of the countryside.

In October 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions: Zhejiang’s “1000-village demonstration and 10,000-village renovation” project started early, with accurate direction and good results. It not only has a demonstration effect on the country, but also has been recognized internationally. It is necessary to sum up the experience in depth, guide and urge all localities to move towards the set goals, continue to make efforts, make great achievements for a long time, and constantly write a new chapter in the construction of a beautiful China.

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Conceptual guidance, planning first, and blueprint paving. A profound change from environment to production to life and ecology continues to advance in the vast countryside.

This is a continuous struggle with continuous efforts and long-term achievements——

Walking into Yu Village, rolling mountains, flowing water, swaying bamboo, and different shades of green spread out in front of you.

“This year’s Dragon Boat Festival business is better than in previous years.” Pan Chunlin, the owner of Chunlin Villa, said excitedly while greeting the guests. “I never thought that Yucun would be like this before. I think I chose the right path.”

Young people play Frisbee on the lawn in front of Yucun Village Library, Tianhuangping Town, Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province (photo taken on June 5, 2023).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Yang

More than 20 years ago, due to the development of the “stone economy”, the mountains in Yucun became “bald and light”, and the water became “soy sauce soup”. The people of Yu Village decided to change their way of life after learning from the painful experience. With the help of the “ten million project”, they successively shut down the mines and cement factories. Chunlin Villa is the first homestay opened by Yu Village after the mine was shut down.

In August 2005, Xi Jinping, then Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, visited Yucun. After learning about Yucun’s actions, he commented on the “smart move” and clearly stated for the first time that “lucid waters and lush mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains.”

In March 2020, I revisited Yucun after 15 years and witnessed the changes along the way. General Secretary Xi Jinping said with satisfaction: “The achievements of Yucun now prove that the path of green development is correct, and we must persist in choosing the right path. go down.”

On the way to the green, Yucun never stopped. Relying on the beautiful environment, the farmhouse business is booming, rural tourism is flourishing, and the bamboo forest carbon sink has also enabled the village to realize “relying on air to sell money”. “From supporting the mountains to eating the mountains, to being rich and nourishing the mountains, we have truly realized that the green water and green mountains are the backing of our happiness.” Wang Yucheng, Secretary of the Party Branch of Yucun Village, said.

The green relay in Yucun is a reflection of the continuous struggle of the “Ten Thousand Project”.

From 2003 to 2010, under the leadership of the “1000-village demonstration and 10,000-village renovation” demonstration, the village environment was comprehensively improved to promote a more clean and orderly village;

From 2011 to 2020, “thousands of villages are high-quality goods, ten thousand villages are beautiful” will be further improved to make the countryside more beautiful and livable;

From 2021 to the present, the iterative upgrade of “a thousand villages’ future, ten thousand villages’ common prosperity” has formed a vivid situation of “thousands of villages looking forward to the future, ten thousand villages striving for common prosperity, promoting integration of urban and rural areas, and creating harmony and beauty in the whole region”.

A blueprint is drawn to the end, and it will be done year after year.

This is a profound change from point to surface and iterative upgrade——

Along the way, the “Ten Million Project” started with the improvement of the rural living environment, but the changes are far more than that:

The “black-smelly river” and “milk river” in Pujiang County, Jinhua City have disappeared, and the river water has become clearer;

In the Tongle section of the Puyang River in Pujiang County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, the staff took a boat to salvage floating objects on the water surface (photo taken on March 14, 2023, drone photo).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yu

By changing the way of thinking, Potang Village, Jianhu Street, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City has given the village a “new look” through “micro-renovation”: using stones to make a fashionable satchel shape, painting the walls into green leather trains, and transforming a dangerous old tea factory Into a Country Art Museum…

Villagers in Meiping Village, Xin’anjiang Street, Jiande City, Zhejiang Province, participate in a banquet of hundreds of families and watch a cultural performance in the village cultural auditorium (photographed on May 27, 2023).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yu

Nearly 20,000 rural cultural auditoriums have been built in Zhejiang Province, carrying brand projects such as “Our Village Evening” and “Our Village Games”, and have become the spiritual home of the majority of farmers…

In the Cultural Auditorium of Shijiaqiao Village, Daochang Township, Wuxing District, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, villagers are watching the performance of “Our Village Evening” (photo taken on January 11, 2023).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yu

Build a beautiful ecology, strengthen the beautiful economy, and create a better life. The “three-beauty integration” village in Zhejiang is full of vitality.

Villagers play basketball on the illuminated court at the Cultural and Sports Center of Zhili Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province (photo taken on January 18, 2022).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yu

20 years of rural evolution, the data are the most convincing: the scope of renovation of the “Ten Million Project” has expanded from the initial 10,000 administrative villages to all administrative villages in the province; the per capita disposable income of rural residents in Zhejiang province has ranked first in the country for 38 consecutive years It ranks first in the provinces and autonomous regions in the country; more than half of the administrative villages have an annual operating income of more than 500,000 yuan from the village-level collective economy; the income ratio of urban and rural residents has shrunk from 2.43 in 2003 to 1.90 in 2022…

From the province to the whole country, the “Ten Thousand Project” has taken root in the vast China, reshaping the appearance of more rural areas in China.

In September 2018, the “Ten Million Project” won the “Guardian of the Earth Award”, the highest environmental honor of the United Nations. The award speech commented: “This highly successful ecological restoration project demonstrates that bringing environmental protection and economic development together can have transformative power.”

The report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed “beautiful China”, the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed “implementing the strategy of rural revitalization”, the Party Central Committee and the State Council proposed high-quality development and the construction of a common prosperity demonstration zone in 2021, and the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed ” Accelerate the construction of a strong agricultural country”… The enlightenment of the “Ten Million Project” is precious, and it continues to provide rich experience that can be used for reference, guiding the direction for the development of “three rural areas” and the modernization of agriculture and rural areas in the new era.

The relevant person in charge of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that the essence of the “Ten Thousand Project” is the vivid practice of the world outlook and methodology of Xi Jinping’s socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era in the field of “three rural areas”, and it is the relationship between urban and rural areas, and the relationship between man and nature. The profound adjustment is a major change in the rural production mode, life style and governance mode.

The magnificent practice brings profound enlightenment: adhere to the feelings of serving the people, adhere to the concept of change, and do a good job in systematic planning

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“What I see in Zhejiang is what China will look like in the future, and even the world in the future!”

When visiting villages and towns in Zhejiang, China in 2018, Erik Solheim, then UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UNEP, once said such a sentence.

After 20 years of hard work, the “Ten Thousand Project” has continuously won positive comments from the world. Alistair Borthwick, a professor at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, said that the “Ten Million Project” proved that it is feasible to achieve economic development while greatly improving the environment in rural areas, and its experience will provide reference for other countries, whether developed or developing nation.

The experience and enlightenment contained in the “ten million project” not only provides ideas for promoting Chinese-style modernization, but also brings reference significance for other countries in the world to improve their environment.

——Adhering to the people-oriented principle, taking the improvement of people’s livelihood and well-being as the fundamental starting point, and increasing the enthusiasm and creativity of farmers in the process of joint construction and sharing.

The people are the judges. Adhere to the perspective of the masses, start from the things that farmers are most concerned about, and focus on each small matter of people’s livelihood, so as to bring a sense of gain and happiness to the majority of farmers.

When I came to Xiaogucheng Village, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, the trees were lush and the courtyard was tidy. The low courtyard walls are a major feature of this village.

Under an old camphor tree in Xiaogucheng Village, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, villagers are discussing rural development matters (photographed on March 14, 2022).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Weng Xinyang

“This is all the result of discussions among the villagers.” Lin Guorong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiaogucheng Village, told reporters that it is not easy for the villagers to lower the high walls that have been built with money. One household did the work, and finally everyone passed it unanimously.

Open the wall and open the “heart wall”. Today, the open neighborhood space not only makes the village more beautiful, but also shortens the distance between neighbors, villagers and tourists, and greatly improves the quality of “polite” rural civilization.

Everyone discusses things in the village. In many villages in Zhejiang, discussion is an important part of promoting village construction. How to solve the shortage of parking spaces during holidays, how to build camping sites, and how to improve the overall appearance of the basic environment… Whether it is under the century-old camphor tree at the entrance of the village, or by the small lotus pond, or in the online discussion hall, the villagers actively speak out and do their part for the construction of their homes Strength.

In Xiafengcha Village, Yuelong Street, Ninghai County, Ningbo City, many villagers spontaneously decorate the village environment with old furniture, old clothes, tree stumps and bamboo tips, which have become unique elements of the rural public art space. In Ninghai, the “Ten Million Project” has driven the transformation of some villages from “cleaning” and “beautifying” to “artistic”, and the initiative of farmers has been stimulated to actively participate in improving the beauty of the countryside.

The “Ten Thousand Project” always puts the people at the center and draws wisdom from the people. From “I want to build a beautiful village” at the beginning to “I want to build a beautiful village” today, the concept of sharing and co-governance has taken root in more and more villages and has become an inexhaustible driving force to promote village governance and development.

——Adhere to the new development concept, take a green and innovative development path, and make overall plans for the quality and speed of development.

Whether the development concept is correct or not fundamentally determines the effectiveness of development and even success or failure.

In summer, in Hengshanwu Village, Lingfeng Street, Anji County, the bamboo sea stretches and the breeze blows. Walking into the homestay “A Zhong’s Home”, you will find greenery everywhere, chic and warm.

“My family used to be the most remote household in the village, but now it’s the busiest.” “Post-95” B&B owner Lan Qingxia recalled that the village used to have muddy legs when walking on rainy days, but now it has become a bamboo forest. The sea of ​​flowers, together with special leisure items, make tourists linger and forget to return.

With the advancement of the “Ten Million Project”, Hengshanwu Village has launched a large-scale village renovation and construction campaign, hardening roads, demolishing illegal buildings, and treating sewage, so as to continuously improve the rural environment. “The change of thinking and the change of development concept have enabled us to achieve transformation again and again and find a development path that suits us.” Cai Mingfu, Secretary of the Party Branch of Hengshanwu Village, said.

Adhere to the new development concept, key choices in exchange for continuous leaps: Keqiao, Shaoxing, the “International Textile Capital”, shut down a number of enterprises above the designated size, and the traditional industries that once had an impact on the environment are showing a new look; “China’s Hardware Capital” Jinhua Yongkang , to speed up the elimination of low and small scattered, grafting the Internet, and transform and upgrade from “overwhelming” to meticulous and refined; Lishui Jinyun has worked hard to improve the ecological environment, and ushered in the settlement of factories of global special glass manufacturers that have extremely high requirements on the environment… …

Merchants are shopping for clothing in the China Textile City Market in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province (photographed on November 11, 2022).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Han

A beautiful environment is productivity. Only by properly calculating the big accounts, long-term accounts, and comprehensive accounts of ecological and environmental protection, and constantly improving the ecological background, can we not only protect green waters and green mountains, but also bring gold and silver mountains. Only by fully, accurately and comprehensively implementing the new development concept, correctly handling the relationship between quality and speed, and promoting rural revitalization can we set the right direction and find the right focus.

——It is necessary to adhere to the system concept, follow the path of adapting measures to local conditions, and achieve planning first, step by step, and long-term success.

Liuyigong Tavern, “Bamboo and Little Birds” Bamboo Square, and the big stage of social drama… Walking in Anqiaotou Village, Sunduan Street, Shaoxing City, it is like swimming in Lu Xun’s novels. This ordinary village in the south of the Yangtze River has created a variety of business formats around the characteristic IP of “Lu Xun’s grandmother’s house”, which is attracting more and more tourists.

Villagers perform cheongsam on the big stage of social opera in Anqiaotou Village, Sunduan Street, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province (photo taken on June 7, 2023).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Yang

Many villagers always come to the social opera stage early, waiting for the show they love to watch. Every weekend, there will be a variety of performances such as Yue opera, aerobics, singing and dancing. In the future, Anqiaotou Village will also sell more cultural and creative products related to Lu Xun’s works.

Thousands of villages and thousands of faces, infinite vitality.

Focusing on the flower and tree industry, Tangdi Village, Lizhu Town, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, the “Millennium Orchid Township”, has found a new way to get rich; relying on the “one leaf” of Jingshan tea, Jingshan Village, Jingshan Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City has laid out a tea whisk , tea food, tea service, tea utensils and other related business forms, embarked on the road of integrated development of tea tourism; from fishing “relying on the sea to eat the sea” to creating an island style to welcome guests, Liangzhi Village, Qushan Town, Daishan County, Zhoushan City embarked on a green road A new way to revitalize…

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Only when the countryside has a different scenery from the city can it become a place that city people yearn for. This also opens up a broad space for exploring the integrated development of urban and rural areas.

“As many soups as there are steamed buns”. my country has a vast territory and different conditions in different regions. To solve the imbalance of regional and urban-rural development, the “Ten Thousand Project” provides an example of planning first, doing what is within its means, step-by-step, and point-to-point.

It not only pays attention to top-level design, draws construction blueprints from a strategic height, but also emphasizes adapting measures to local conditions and making full use of comparative advantages to promote overall planning. The “Ten Thousand Project” is injecting more Chinese wisdom and strength into creating a harmonious and livable human homeland.

Write a magnificent chapter with a new starting point: Accelerate in the new picture of “leading by a thousand villages, revitalizing ten thousand villages, sharing prosperity across the region, and harmonious urban and rural areas”

In the Better Life Center in Meilin Village, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, there are 24-hour rural digital study rooms, smart health service stations, unmanned gyms, unmanned supermarkets and other public facilities. Here, it has become a reality to carry out “health portraits” on villagers through digital means, and to monitor and warn people with chronic diseases.

At the Meilin Village Better Life Center in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, a woman measures her blood pressure by herself (photographed on June 7, 2023).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Yang

When the “Ten Million Project” was launched, Meilin Village was one of the “demonstration villages” at that time. Twenty years later, as the first batch of “future villages” pilots in Zhejiang Province, this village will start again towards a better future life with a digital and intelligent appearance.

Recently, Zhejiang Province has made the latest deployment for adhering to and deepening the “ten million project”: building a livable and beautiful village in the whole province, building a strong province with high-efficiency ecological agriculture in an all-round way, promoting the integrated development of urban and rural areas at the county level in a panoramic manner, and promoting the development of farmers in the whole chain. Common prosperity in the countryside, strengthening rural social governance throughout the process, and accelerating the construction of a new picture of “leading by a thousand villages, revitalizing ten thousand villages, sharing prosperity across the region, and harmonious urban and rural areas”…

Standing at a new starting point, draw a new blueprint and write a new chapter.

In building a socialist modern country in an all-round way, the most arduous and arduous tasks still lie in the countryside—the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China focuses on promoting the revitalization of the countryside in an all-round way. Schedule deployment.

Embarking on a new journey, the good experience and practices of the “Ten Thousand Project” will continue to be promoted across the country, which will help accelerate the integration of urban and rural areas, promote the construction of a beautiful China, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, and lay a solid foundation for the realization of Chinese-style modernization.

Looking at the vast land of Zhejiang, this beautiful relay spanning 20 years is now full of new vitality——

In the “Shared Garden” in Cailu Village, Dongyang City, Jinhua City, plant protection drones are spraying pesticides on rice, and the intelligent remote monitoring box in the field monitors soil temperature, humidity, pH and other indicators in real time.

This village, which once creatively promoted the “spread live broadcast” method to solve the problem of abandoned fields, is well-known for its “experience in mining Lu”, and is now using digital means to help agricultural development. Lu Yangchun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Cailu Village, said that the “Cailu experience” in the new era is to grow the fields more intelligently, move towards high-tech modern agriculture, and achieve a win-win situation in the integration of efficient production and agriculture and tourism.

In Houying Village, Changhua Town, Lin’an District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Wang Qiang, a major grain grower, operates an agricultural drone to fertilize rice (photographed on September 21, 2022).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yu

The future village is a village full of science and technology, and it is also a village that accelerates integration with the city and complements each other.

In Yuxin Town, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, a white building about 35 meters high and inlaid with large pieces of transparent glass looks like a “flying saucer”, full of futuristic sense, and attracting people to stop.

This is Yuli Future Community. Zero-carbon kindergartens, digital botanical gardens… In each well-designed display area, multiple complex functions such as the elderly activity center, children’s activity center, reading area, and volunteer home are ingeniously interspersed, allowing residents to enjoy the “one-stop service” “.

The income of farmers has ranked first in the province for 19 consecutive years, and the income ratio of urban and rural residents has narrowed to less than 1.60… The urban-rural gap continues to be the smallest in the province. Jiaxing is accelerating the construction of future communities and future villages, and is constantly on the road to further promote urban-rural integration. Take a new step.

The key to sustainable rural development lies in people.

In recent years, there has been a new change in many villages in Zhejiang – there are more and more young people. There are “returners” who came back from the city, and more “new villagers”.

The “hollow village” that no one cares about has become an exquisite folk village under the transformation and operation of entrepreneurial young people and young artists; The storm, the natural and simple mountain village life, let them find the balance between “making money to live” and “poetry and distance”…

With the deepening of the “ten million project”, attracting more young entrepreneurs, artists, and international talents has become a new direction for the villages to make efforts. The gathering of “people from the original country”, “people from the new country” and “returned people” will broaden the transformation channel from “green water and green mountains” to “golden mountains and silver mountains”.

Yi Lianhong, secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, said that in the next step, Zhejiang will vigorously and effectively promote the “ten million project” to be in-depth and solid, speed up the road of urban-rural integration development, stimulate new momentum for rural revitalization, shape rural style and new temperament, and explore common The new path of prosperity allows the rural masses to enjoy the new achievements of modernization.

Keep going, and the future can be expected.

Shaded by green trees, clear streams flow around the village. In Xiajiang Village, Chun’an County, a sign at the entrance of the village is eye-catching: the place where dreams begin.

An aerial view of Xiajiang Village, Chun’an County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province (taken on August 9, 2017, drone photo).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Zongzhi

Xiajiang Village is the grassroots contact point of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his work in Zhejiang. Thanks to the guidance of the “Ten Million Project”, this small mountain village has completely bid farewell to “dirty and chaotic”, transformed into “green, rich and beautiful”, and formed a joint prosperity consortium to drive more villages to become rich together, drawing a modern version “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”.

Sitting in front of the farmhouse “Wangxi” opened by his family, Jiang Zuhai, a villager in his 70s, had a happy smile on his face: “Our better days are yet to come…”

Writers: Yu Jiaxin, Fang Wenyu, Huang Yao, Huang Xiao, Xu Shunda, Leng Yanyan

Video reporters: Wang Yiwen, Xu Zhongzhe

Poster Design: Jiang Zihan

Editors: Jie Wenjin, Wang Wei, Liu Zhen, Qi Wenjuan, Hou Bangxing, Guo Jieyu

Coordinator: Gao Xinxin, Cao Jiangtao

[Responsible editor: Wang Yuebo]

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