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Creation of metropolitan area for the South West advances

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Creation of metropolitan area for the South West advances

The project to create the metropolitan area for the South West of the country received a boost, after the Senate Territorial Planning Commission gave its approval to the initiative.

The project includes municipalities in the department of Valle del Cauca, such as Jamundí, Palmira, Candelaria, Dagua and the district of Cali, and Puerto Tejada and Villa Rica in Cauca.

The speaker coordinator of the initiative, Senator Laura Fortich Sánchez of the Liberal party, said that “this metropolitan area has a friendly legal requirement that facilitates its creation, which is not only done with a single department, but also allows union with municipalities of other departments, for which we call the attention of the mayors to take advantage of this opportunity to work together while we congratulate them for wanting to work as a team.”

Fortich highlighted the role of the mayors in this project who must now work to request the support of the community so that the requirements are met and begin to develop common projects.


Regarding this approval, the mayor of Dagua, Ana María Sanclemente, stated that “we want to promote the multipurpose cadastre, being the main forest reserve in the Pacific with significant carbon and oxygen capture for the departments of Cauca and Valle del Cauca.”

For his part, the mayor of Palmira, Oscar Eduardo Escobar, expressed that “we are working on the creation of this metropolitan area, to contribute to growth in transportation and security.”

The mayor of Puerto Tejada, Dagoberto Domínguez Caicedo, pointed out that “we are twelve minutes from the city of Cali, we want to strengthen the ecosystem, improve mobility, take advantage of the free zones so that businessmen return to our municipalities to invest.”

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T he metropolitan area initiative for the Colombian South West had the unanimous support of the senators.


Senator Esmeralda Hernández, of the Historical Pact, pointed out “that metropolitan area will become a cadastral computer”, while Senator Guido Echeverri of the Green Alliance, indicated “this concept is a collective creation with a large water component such as the La River. Vieja and the Cauca River.”

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