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CrediExpress – news

Without leaving home or work, apply for the microcredit you need now.

Carlos Andrés Silva Vela is the manager of CrediExpress, a company dedicated to microcredits for 13 years, a field in which he has extensive experience.

CrediExpress provides microcredit services to employees and independent workers. In times of new technologies, this company facilitates credit virtually. It is a Fintech that wants to provide financial inclusion for those who do not have access to bank loans or who are starting their credit life, says Silva Vela.

Where they are located?

In Popayán, our offices are located in the Iconos Business Center.

What is the coverage area?

In Cauca and in the middle of this year we are going to expand our services to two more departments, such as Cundinamarca and Antioquia, in order to continue our expansion progressively.

How does CrediExpress work under Fintech technology?

The virtual service we provide is easy, reliable and fast, making us more agile, inclusive and practical. We want our clients to not have to travel to our office, we do it thinking about people, especially those who live outside Popayán.

What should a person do to access credit with CrediExpress?

It is very simple, you only need a work letter and a copy of the ID, which you must send to our WhatsApp, without having to travel and without unnecessary waiting. CrediExpress will respond in less than 24 hours, how much it can lend you and the deadline to defer. The credit.

Our clients, for the most part, are people who have not been able to access traditional banking, due to having a low score or being in Data Crédito, so with CrediExpress they can improve their score. Of course, if they have a high score, the better, because they will be able to obtain credit faster for their business, for consumption, for unforeseen events, among other needs. We are the best option in all cases.

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Carlos Andrés Silva Vela, manager.

If the client is independent?

For independents we have two types of credit, the first is for the formal one that has a Chamber of Commerce, with an established and functioning business. You simply must send the certificate from the Chamber of Commerce and a copy of the ID.

The second is for those who are not yet formalized and want to start their credit history and financial life. In that case we visit your business to check its characteristics, sales volume and facilities, based on that we can offer a credit. We do this in order to achieve financial inclusion.

What terms and amounts do the credits have?

The microcredits that we offer range from $300,000 to $5,000,000 with terms from one month to twelve months. The balances and terms increase each time they use our services and have a good payment habit with CrediExpress. We have many clients who are renewing their credits, growing in payment times and value.


Does CrediExpress trust the people reported in datacrédito?

We do not base our decisions solely on whether or not it is reported in the risk centers, we take into account several variables, such as income, surplus after expenses and depending on the results we can offer a loan.

Other variables are considered when the person reported appears in risk centers for a minimum amount, such as, for example, paying the cell phone bill late or when he started his financial life with some university loan that was not very well taken care of. Other examples like those lower the score. It is these aspects that we take into account to give you the opportunity and deliver the credit to those who request it.

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How does CrediExpress disburse credit?

We have two ways: if you live in Popayán, we can disburse cash by taking the value to your place of work or home. We want the client to be very well served. The second modality that we use in most cases is to disburse into the bank account that is in the name of the credit applicant.

What other services do you offer to the public?

We have a very good credit, it is called Credi business, aimed at merchants for special moments. For example, when merchandise appears on promotion or they are offered discounts for prompt payment, in that case they need the money for a few days, between 8 and 15 days. CrediExpress grants the credit and charges only on the days the money is used, thus obtaining a very favorable interest rate.

Simulate your consumer credit on our website. www.crediexpresspopayan.com/#simul

We also have mortgage credit, designed for people who want to remodel their homes or unify their current credits to have more liquidity, so they can mortgage their house, premises or other real estate as collateral, as it is a higher value credit.

We lend up to 70% of the value of the property, with a competitive interest rate in the market.

With CrediExpress can you improve your credit history?

Yes, with complete security. Just as negative reports are made, positive reports can also be made, this allows our clients to raise their score in risk centers, and over time access higher value credits with us or with any banking entity.

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