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Criminal violence gains strength in La Concordia – Diario La Hora

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Criminal violence gains strength in La Concordia – Diario La Hora

CASE. Five murders, injuries and threats in La Concordia.

Added to the violent deaths are threatening pamphlets and warnings of explosive attacks.

Hours of terror, vandalism and bloodshed were evident this weekend in different sectors of the La Concordia canton, in the Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas province.

There were armed attacks that caused the death of five people and four others were injured, among them, some who, until the closing of this edition, remained hospitalized with a reserved prognosis.

The National Police has deployed a strong contingent to intervene in this canton and raids were carried out to seize weapons that were apparently handled by members of a dangerous criminal organization.


Since early yesterday morning, Saturday September 2, the violent deaths began. The first case occurred at approximately 04:50, in the Santa Ana neighborhood, and left four people dead.

The victims were attacked when they were drinking inside a house. Unknown subjects arrived to shoot Jennifer Pucachaqui, 21 years old; Johan Criollo, 18 years old; Milena Macias, 18 years old; and Ignacio Solórzano, 20 years old.

Other violent deaths

It was not yet 24 hours after the first massacre took place, when the National Police received the alert of another armed attack.

The hitmen interrupted the birthday party that was taking place in a house located in the Santa Rosa neighborhood and fired repeatedly from the street.

As a result of this attack, 34-year-old María Vélez lost her life, whose body was left by the door of the home. Her father, Carlos Vélez, was also hit by bullets and remains hospitalized.


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Added to the murders is the distribution of threatening pamphlets to alert about a possible cleanup against gangs dedicated to robbery, extortive vaccines and other crimes.

In the letter they also attack members of the National Police and warn that during this “war” innocent people could be affected.

Likewise, the alert arose that unidentified subjects were placing explosives in different sectors and this motivated the immediate reaction of specialized units.

RESULT. There are two people arrested and several indications. Answer

Gustavo Játiva. Deputy Chief of the Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas Subzone, said that the criminalistics personnel raised nine ballistic evidence to be analyzed during the investigative process.

“Police units were activated to carry out another procedure. Two citizens were apprehended, among the evidence there are two motorcycles, two firearms and various ammunition of different calibers, ”he said. (JD)

THE DATA Police personnel will be reinforced in La Concordia. TAKE NOTE 32 violent deaths have occurred in this canton, from January to date. Violent deaths La Concordia Month number January 2 February 2 March 2 April 1 May 1 June 13 July 0 August: 6 September: 5 TOTAL 32

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