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Crisanti renounces the stipend as a senator

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Crisanti renounces the stipend as a senator

A choice that causes discussion, that of Andrea Crisanti, director of Microbiology of Padua and now also a senator of the Republic elected abroad with the Democratic Party. The virologist “tampon dad” has decided to give up his salary. Not out of generosity towards the state, but to earn more by keeping a doctor’s salary. For this reason there is no shortage of discontent within the Padua hospital.

The professor himself admits it, interviewed by Padua morning. “That’s true, yes. I opted for the original salary, consisting of the activity with the University of Padua and with the hospital ”, he admits from the Imperial College of London.

Why is the salary as a parliamentarian less rich? «It is a question of social security contributions – explains Crisanti – of continuity in the payment. They recommended it to me in the Senate. After all, it is something that many magistrates do, it is normal practice. It does not change much in amount but for the pension it was convenient. It is a legitimate thing, permitted by law, ”the senator defends.

How much would the salary be? A senator receives on average between 11 and 14 thousand euros, with all the allowances. “I hold a top position both at the University and in the hospital,” explains the professor. «My salary class is high, because I was called as a professor of” high reputation “, then I have the allowance for department management, complex unit and infectious diseases. The sum is interesting but it’s not like I’ve been there to count the hundreds of euros. It’s just a question of my pension. “

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