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criticism of José Alfonso ‘Chiche’ Maestre

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criticism of José Alfonso ‘Chiche’ Maestre

Using social media, the composer José Alfonso ‘Chiche’ Maestre criticized vallenato musicians who ask for his or her songs and, of their opinion, can not interpret them in the very best approach.

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There are some singers who ask for songs once I give them, they object, however the tune goes via hundreds of screenings and eventually they can not sing. Don’t waste my time, if you’re not snug recording a tune for me, do not ask me. Thank you”, wrote the composer on his X account.

Although the singer-songwriter didn’t specify who he was referring to, netizens affirm that his message is aimed on the younger era of musicians who’re acquainted with “recorder salchipapa”. Moreover, they are saying that Not everybody has the expertise to document songs composed by Patillal singer.

José Alfonso ‘Chiche’ Maestre He is among the most well-known and outstanding composers of Vallenato legends along with his hits recorded on the phrases of Poncho Zuleta, Diomedes Diaz, Jorge Oñate, Iván Villazón, Rafa Pérez and Martín Elías Díaz, amongst others.

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‘There is a dove‘, ‘I did not perceive your love‘, ‘The Martyr’, ‘To a Mermaid’, ‘The Goodbyes of My Life’ ‘The Power of Love’ and ‘My Dry Leaves’ are a few of the songs signed by ‘Chiche’ Maestre.

BY: Lucía Mendoza Cuello/EL PILÓN.

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