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Crocodile found with human remains in its jaw

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Crocodile found with human remains in its jaw

A shocking scene was recorded in Clearwater, Florida, where a four-meter crocodile was found with human remains in its jaw in a community south of the city.

According to United States authorities, the victim was identified as Sabrina Peckhamof 41 years.

The macabre discovery took place on last Friday September 22 in the afternoon, triggering concern and consternation among local residents. The alligator was located in an area near a lake where several specimens usually live of his species.

Upon arriving at the scene, the authorities found the crocodile in the water, with human remains in his jaw. Due to the potential danger it posed to residents, the decision was made to sacrifice the gigantic reptile.

The Pinellas County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office issued a statement noting that the sacrifice of the alligator was carried out in a manner “humanitarian» after removing it from the water.

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With the alligator threat eliminated, the police dive team He dove into the waters of the canal and recovered the body of Sabrina Peckhamwho was later taken for an autopsy.

The authorities, in collaboration with the wildlife commission, have launched an exhaustive investigation to clarify the facts and how the victim died, as well as the degree of responsibility of the animal in his death.

Crocodiles are carnivorous reptiles that live in aquatic areas, such as rivers, lakes, swamps and estuaries. Although they are not predators that actively seek out humans as prey, they can pose a threat when they feel threatened, cornered, or if they cross their path while foraging or protecting their territory.

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Crocodiles are known for their strength, speed and aggressiveness in hunting, and have jaws full of sharp teeth that can inflict serious wounds or even kill a human with ease.

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