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Cuba denounces preparation of violent actions from the US (+Video)

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Cuba denounces preparation of violent actions from the US (+Video)

“Plans to Carry Out Violent Actions in Cuba Thwarted by Authorities”

In a recent disclosure on national television, it was revealed that forces from the Ministry of the Interior intercepted an infiltration operation along the northern coast of the province of Matanzas in Cuba. The operation involved a Cuban residing in the United States who was attempting to carry out violent actions planned from south Florida using a jet ski.

The infiltrated subject had moved from Matanzas to the province of Cienfuegos, his territory of origin, where he sought to recruit several individuals. The investigation also revealed the seizure of pistols of different calibers, magazines, and ammunition. It was determined that those involved in the events have links with terrorists based in the United States and have received military training and resources for the execution of their plans.

The report further identified individuals, including Manuel Milanés Pizonero, who is involved in recruitment and financing of various actions. There were also mentions of Miguel Gómez (“Miki Terrori”), William Cabrera González, Amijail Sánchez González, and Michel Naranjo Riverón (“Kiki Naranjo”), who have been sanctioned in Cuba for violent actions and sabotage and are wanted by the island authorities.

These individuals are associated with criminal organizations based in the United States that organize, finance, provide means, and carry out actions against the security of the State.

The events have raised concerns about the stimulation, financing, and execution of acts of sabotage against the national electro-energy system in 2020, as well as the potential invasion of Cuba at the “zero hour” as alleged by one of the questioned individuals.

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Authorities are continuing their investigation into these illegal activities and have issued warnings against such activities being planned and executed from the United States. It is clear that efforts are being made to disrupt any potential violent actions being directed at the security of the State.

The disclosure of these revelations serves as a crucial reminder of the ongoing threats faced by Cuba from individuals and groups seeking to carry out violent acts against the country. The authorities’ swift action in preventing these plans from being executed demonstrates their commitment to maintaining the safety and security of the nation.

The Ministry of the Interior is urging continued vigilance and cooperation from the public to thwart any further attempts to carry out violent actions in Cuba.

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