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Cuorgnè, King Arduino and his court in costume for the boys of Mariupol

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Cuorgnè, King Arduino and his court in costume for the boys of Mariupol

Saturday under the banner of a phrase from Mother Teresa of Calcutta: “Not everyone can do great things, but we can do small things with great love”


Municipal administrators, led by the mayor Giovanna Cresto, who on a hot day in early August wore the heavy clothes of the participants of the May Tournament at the court of King Arduino. On Saturday 6, Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s phrase “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love” took concrete form, to give a carefree day to the “angels of Mariupol”, guests at the oratory La Rotonda di Castellamonte, who visited the city of the two towers with the association La Memoria viva. The tour started from Piazza Martiri della Libertà to travel via Arduino and the historic center.

After a brief stop in Piazza Boetto for a snack offered by the traders, the boys and their companions visited the house of King Arduino and the church of San Giovanni. With interest they listened to the history of the two towers, the origins of the city and were also intrigued by the historical re-enactment of the May Tournament.

Subsequently, they went to the parish church of San Dalmazzo where the parish priest, Don Ilario Rege Gianas, and the boys of the oratory were waiting for them.

The colorful and festive procession then went down to the former church of the Trinity and the Tullio Pinelli municipal theater, which they admired with amazement. Here, together with the animators, they sang and danced. «It was a very intense emotionally moment: we saw the children of our city laughing and joking together with Ukrainian children and youngsters – say the municipal administration -. We cannot hide a few tears of emotion and joy. Seeing our boys perform there for the first time on stage, with them, filled our hearts with joy. It was a gift to be able to welcome them and spend this morning together, with their noses upwards through the streets of the city and then to see the many Cuorgnatesi get involved with them in this short visit. Certainly there will be other initiatives, even later on. Thanks to the merchants for the snack offered and for the warm welcome, to the boys of the oratory who made us dance and smile creating a beautiful atmosphere, to the girls of the Civil Service, to the School Office for organizing bus transport, to don Ilario, to the commander of the local police Linuccia Amore, to the volunteers of the local Red Cross Committee always present, to the Nigra family and Paola Pivari, to the figures of the Pro loco and the villages and all those who have told the stories hidden in the streets and the artistic beauties of our city. And finally, thanks to Mauro from the Astoria hotel for hosting us and offering us lunch. They left us with this phrase that sums up today’s atmosphere: «Having opened your heart and your city to us made us feel a little more at home. And lucky ». In the afternoon, the guys from Mariupol visited Valperga where Vera Giacoletto of the Amici di San Giorgio non-profit association was their guide to discover the “treasures” of the town.

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