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Currently more than 4,000 vacancies in healthcare, says VDAB

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There are currently 4,270 vacancies in the healthcare sector in Flanders. This is what the Flemish employment agency VDAB says, which is organizing a courtesy day in the sector on Wednesday.

Source: BELGA

Yesterday at 10:29

Job seekers and other interested parties can experience a care profession in various places in Flanders. VDAB hopes to encourage them to start training or a job.

In the past 12 months, the employment service received 22,723 vacancies for the healthcare sector. The top three are vacancies for nurses (10,798), healthcare professionals (4,452) and caregivers (2,799).

The aging population is weighing on healthcare. Many employees from the baby boom generation are retiring, just as more people need care.

VDAB therefore focuses, among other things, on lateral entrants. These are job seekers who have not yet worked in healthcare, but want to take the step.

Last year, 6,745 job seekers started healthcare training through VDAB. Job seekers can keep their benefits during the training and they will receive compensation for training costs, transport and childcare.

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