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Cursed students all infected with the epidemic Dalian kindergarten teacher detained and lost their jobs-8world

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A kindergarten teacher in Dalian, China, because he was dissatisfied with his parents for “torturing the teacher”, he posted a message online praying that the Dalian epidemic would not stop and cursed all the students to contract the epidemic. As a result, he not only lost his job, but was also detained by the public security department.

The female teacher named “Suddenly after Silence” wrote on Weibo the day before yesterday (17th): “I don’t want the epidemic in Dalian to stop, I hope it can increase, the more the better, at least until March next year, this is the most Happy hope.”

She went on to explain that she said that because she was a teacher. She said that parents usually tortured teachers, and she “every day in the circle of friends to watch parents take children at home, I can be happy to die”, and wrote, “Let you scream all day long and give me a little rest (both) No”.

She went on to curse the children like this: “Let the children crash you all! I dreamed that the epidemic in Dalian would be quicker, and all the 30 children in the experimental elementary school were infected! Come on Dalian!”

Her Weibo has aroused public outrage on the Internet. Netizens have accused her of being “unethical and difficult to be a teacher”, and some colleagues have expressed “ashamed of you”.

The Zhongshan Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Dalian City, Liaoning Province announced on the official Weibo on the same day that a netizen who was a kindergarten teacher posted inappropriate remarks related to the epidemic, and she also confessed to her illegal behavior of posting inappropriate remarks related to the epidemic on the Internet. At present, she has been sentenced to administrative detention by the police in accordance with the law for provoking troubles.

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According to the “Dalian Evening News” report, the kindergarten has also decided to expel the teacher.

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