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Cut in excise duties, there is an extension The price of fuels is falling

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Cut in excise duties, there is an extension The price of fuels is falling

In the last three weeks, gasoline and diesel prices have decreased and consumers have started moving again as before the 2 euros per liter


The Ministry of Economy and Finance has decided: the cut in excise duties on the cost of fuel will be extended until 20 September. This is what will be established by 21 August, the expiry date of the measure provided for by the Aid Decree, now called Aid bis, through 900 million resources that will be used to extend the discount until the end of the summer season.

Even if the petrol stations have not yet had a definitive confirmation of this extension, despite the MEF meeting with the unions, prices have already begun to fall and the effects on sales are evident.

“Even if to date we have not yet received confirmation of the extension of the cut in excise duties, in recent times there has already been a drop in costs at the company level – they commented from the Zg service station in Albiano d’Ivrea. – Current numbers are more encouraging than those recorded a month ago. On how long this descent can last and until for the moment it is not known, because everything starts from the oil companies. Now we are going through a positive moment compared to when prices broke through the wall of two euros per liter ».

It will be the holidays, it will be the desire to leave home after two years of pandemic, but fuel consumption has seen an upward recovery compared to a month ago: “When the cost per liter exceeded 2 euros, we all suffered, as sellers and as consumers – the Albiano gas station attendants continue. – We fill the tank three times a week and, being a white pump, we have always managed to keep good and fair prices. For about three weeks, however, since prices have dropped further, we have been working harder. In our case, given that we are also signaled by Google maps and we are near the motorway exit, we have noticed that many of those who stop to refuel are travelers or workers who come out on purpose from the motorway, where the prices they are notoriously taller, to stop by us and then return and resume their journey ».

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One of the sectors most affected by this difficult season of price increases is agriculture, which in addition to having to cope with drought, also has to deal with the very high cost of agricultural diesel. The state tries to meet the workers with the possibility of taking advantage of a discounted rate, in addition to the recovery of costs through the tax credit.

Furthermore, the Piedmont Region has allocated additional funds available to growers, thanks to the declaration of a state of emergency by the Council of Ministers on 4 July due to the persistence of the severe drought and the allocation of state resources to cope with the first interventions. With these interventions, the Department of Agriculture and Food of the Piedmont Region was able to put on the plate a further allocation of subsidized agricultural diesel.

Starting from July 25 and until November 30, 2022, farmers will be able to apply for the allocation of fuel up to double what is normally authorized. The use of fuel, however, must be linked to supplementary irrigation or rescue operations, already carried out or to be carried out during the year.

“With the drastically reduced production, as shown by the data of our province – comments the president of Coldiretti Torino Bruno Mecca Cici -, with a loss of 50% of the production in the field and 54% of absence of average rainfall, the increased energy and fuel sources represent a serious problem for farmers and ranchers, with dire consequences if the increases are not controlled. We live in a world situation which is at the root of the great shortage of feed and the short circuit in prices, on which even fuel and its increases, if not reduced, have a direct effect ». –

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