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Cyberbullying: the “Digital Citizenship: a game to win” training course begins in Ferrara schools

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SCHOOL AND SPORT – Ass. Kusiak “crucial importance of this project which involves young students”. Ass. Maggi: “Sport has a fundamental role as it teaches respect for the rules and for others”

Promote cyberbullying prevention in schools in the Ferrara area. This is the main objective of ‘Digital Citizenship: A game to win’ pathcreated by Synergie Italia, Fondazione Carolina and Diritti Italia in collaboration with the SPAL Foundation and the patronage of Municipalities of Ferrara, Copparo and Ostellato. The project was presented on the morning of Wednesday 28 February in the prestigious setting of the Sala dell’Arengo, inside the Palazzo Ducale Estense in Ferrara.

The prevention process will take place through a educational program developed in Higher institutes of the sponsoring municipalities. The initiative is part of the ‘Nel cuore della Rete’ project, already successfully tested in the Novara area, where around 1000 students were involved. After Piedmont, the route extends to Emilia Romagna with the aim of becoming a point of reference for many territories of our country.

The following took part in the presentation press conference: Dorota KusiakCouncilor for Equal Opportunities, Public Education, Training and Family Policies of the Municipality of Ferrara, Andrea MaggiCouncilor for Sport of the Municipality of Ferrara, Fabrizio PagnoniMayor of Copparo, Elena RossiMayor of Ostellato, Daniela StuppiCMO of Synergie Italia, Cristiano BertelliResource Training Manager Italy, Ivano ZoppiGeneral Secretary of the Carolina e Foundation Laura SempriniProject Manager S.P.A.L. Foundation.

It is no coincidence that the presentation takes place in the month of February, already busy with many events dedicated to the topic included in the week of Safer Internet Day and the National Day against Bullying and Cyberbullying. In a world where young people are increasingly connected and at an increasingly young age, the aim is to give the children of Ferrara an ever greater awareness and useful tools to recognize episodes of cyberbullying and deal with them in the best way.

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The boys and girls of the Institutes Einaudi, CFP CESTA, Navarra and Boiardo. Ivano Zoppi, General Secretary of the Carolina Foundation, addressed them when telling the story of Carolina Picchio, the young girl after whom the Foundation is named, and who in 2013 took her own life due to cyberbullying. Some secondary school students also participated, in the hope that the course could involve them too in future years.

High school students will follow experiential training, lasting 16 hours, which aims to involve them emotionally by focusing on the values ​​of respect and listening and the importance of teamwork. A metaphor, the latter, also underlined by SPAL which, through the SPAL Foundation, has fully embraced the values ​​of the initiative.

Daniela Stuppi, CMO Synergie Italia: “The start of this journey is a very important moment for us because it puts young people at the center of everything. Their safety, in this case digital, and their inclusion have always been a cornerstone of our Synergie School division. We are truly enthusiastic about bringing this experience to the secondary schools in the Ferrara area. We thank the Carolina Foundation and Resources Italia for the support and expertise they have put in place. A special thanks also goes to the SPAL Foundation who immediately welcomed this path with great enthusiasm and heat”.

Ivano Zoppi, General Secretary of the Carolina Foundation: “When it comes to digital security, it is essential to raise awareness among children and families, as well as national and local institutions. However, it is not enough to talk about it during a lesson, often frontal and without interactions. The words must be followed by a continuous and constant commitment in the field, certainly in classrooms, but also involving the territories. This is the added value of our partnership with Synergie and Diritti Italia, which from this year also involves Emilia Romagna, starting with Ferrara and its community”.

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Dorota Kusiak, Councilor for Public Education of the Municipality of Ferrara: “The municipal administration is actively engaged as a partner in the project of prevention and support for victims of cyberbullying. Through the patronage and collaboration of the Education Department, the Municipality recognizes the crucial importance of this project which involves young people in particular students, especially considering the worrying increase of the phenomenon. In this context, the essential role of sport emerges as a useful and effective tool in the fight against cyberbullying, promoting values ​​of respect, solidarity and fair play which contribute to creating a safer and more welcoming for all citizens. This project is made possible thanks to a solid network of partners, to whom we are grateful, who use their skills to reach young people and promote digital awareness, in order to prevent the damage of phenomenon”.

Andrea Maggi, Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Ferrara: “For young people, sport plays a fundamental role because, in addition to discipline, it also teaches respect for the rules and for others. Today, kids often take refuge on the web and in addition to not doing physical activity and not growing up with their peers, they can run into risks that the world of social media can hide. The web is an extraordinary source of information, the challenge is knowing how to choose the correct ones and not entering the worst side of the web, which can lead to involvement in cyberbullying phenomena. This is a beautiful project that we support with conviction and enthusiasm and hope it can spread.”

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Laura Semprini, Project Manager S.P.A.L. Foundation: “Aware of the influence and impact that a historic football club like ours can have on young people, when we were contacted by Synergie and the Carolina Foundation to collaborate on their project we didn’t hesitate for a single moment. Cyberbullying is an issue which affects us all closely and which we cannot afford to ignore. To fight it it is essential to join forces and create alliances and synergies united by the same values ​​and objectives”.

(Communication by the organizers)

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