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Cybersecurity, the first Acn accredited laboratory is born in Milan

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Cybersecurity, the first Acn accredited laboratory is born in Milan

The testing laboratory dedicated to testing is born in Milan IT security for software, devices and connected machinery. Achieving it, awaiting Acn accreditation, is Secure Networkgroup company Bv Tech: the structure is one of the eight selected by the tenderNational Cybersecurity Agencythe only one so far to be based in the Lombard capital, which it aims to become one of the main hubs for the cybersecurity to support companies and public administration.

Accredited testing laboratories

The testing laboratories were created on the initiative ofAcn to implement the rules of Cyber Resilience Act, which introduces a unitary and shared regulation to design and develop products and software with mandatory minimum cybersecurity requirements. This is to guarantee the security of connected devices and machinery against growing cyber threats, verifying and certifying compliance with the regulations.

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The center staff

More than 40 Security engineers selected and trained by Secure Network will work within the Milan structure by 2024capable of supporting both the requests of the public administration and companies, with particular focus on the biomedical and manufacturing sectors, identified as Made in Italy excellences.

A financial and skills investment

“This Laboratory is the result of a financial investment, but above all in excellent skills according to precise ideas and programs – he underlines Alvise Biffi, CEO of Secure Network – which aim to strengthen national control capabilities and achieve national technological autonomy, as underlined by the National Cybersecurity Strategy. Ours is a service to companies, but above all to the country, thanks also to a targeted use of Pnrr funds”.

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The construction of the national ICT industry

“It is necessary to rediscover a strong national technological awareness at the service of the freedom of our citizens – he adds Raffaele Boccardo, president and CEO of Bv Tech – women and men, skills and specializations, creativity, will, dedication, managerial skills for the reconstruction of the national ICT industry. BV Tech provides the best capabilities and the most advanced specializations for a true rebirth of the Italian ICT system”.

A hub available to the territory

“Protecting oneself from the threats of cyber attacks is fundamental today: just think that in the first six months of 2023 there were 890 cybersecurity events involving companies in the areas of Milan, Monza Brianza, Lodi and Pavia, data which confirms the worrying trend of recent years – he explains Alessandro Spadapresident of Assolombarda – IT security is therefore one of the priorities of Assolombarda, which has been working for some time with the Public Administration and with its own companies to increase culture on the topic and guarantee the continuity of company processes. For this reason I am particularly satisfied that one of the 8 Accredited Testing Laboratories selected by the National Cybersecurity Agency is now operational in Milan. This is a further step forward to make the local production sector safer and, consequently, more competitive.”

The importance of the public-private alliance

“Our General Director, Prefect Bruno Frattasihas focused, among the priorities of the Agency, on the achievement of the objectives contained in the National Cybersecurity Strategy – argues Gian Luca Berruti, director of the project unit of the Authority and Sanctions Service of the National Cybersecurity Agency – One of the most important is precisely that of raising the level of security of the infrastructure supply chain on which the provision of essential state services depends. In this sense, the network of testing laboratories, the first of which is inaugurated in Lombardy today, represents a virtuous example of public-private partnership which will have the Agency’s Evaluation and Certification Center as its hub and will contribute, in a decisive manner, to the development of national technological autonomy. In fact, we will progressively have at our disposal – he concludes – an ever-increasing technical component necessary both to analyze the security of new technologies, including those that come to us from abroad, and to guarantee their effective compliance with cybersecurity standards. All this can only contribute, in an effective and decisive way, to raising the level of cyber-resilience of the country”.

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