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Cyclist hit in Breda by a hit-and-run, is very serious

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Cyclist hit in Breda by a hit-and-run, is very serious

The 57-year-old was overwhelmed near the Curtolo nurseries. The driver didn’t stop to help.

BREDA. Cyclist hit by the pirate car: he is very serious at the Ca ‘Foncello hospital. The accident occurred shortly after 16.30 in via del Vesco in Breda di Piave. The man, a 57-year-old resident of Villagehe was riding his bike down the street, he had a shopping bag on the handlebars.

Suddenly not far from the Curtolo nurseries, was hit by a gray car that was driving in the same direction as him. The 57-year-old ended up on the side of the road, while the mirror of the car remained on the road.

A very violent impact, which saw the man thrown forward several meters. The motorist, however, instead of stopping to give help, is escaped. The other motorists who arrived shortly after sounded the alarm.

An ambulance from Suem118 arrived in via del Vesco, the medical staff worked for a long time, carrying out resuscitation maneuvers and at the end intubating the 57-year-old and then transporting him to Ca ‘Foncello in very serious conditions. The local police also arrived on site to carry out surveys and manage traffic. Of the pirate there are no traces, but not far from the scene of the accident the Municipality of Breda has installed an electronic gate that could have taken the gray car back.

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