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D1 Lonato J30/ Summary, results, scorers and standings

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D1 Lonato J30/ Summary, results, scorers and standings

End of the 2022-2023 season first division championship this weekend. A more or less gloomy 30th day since the different teams were fixed on their fate before this final day. Asko are champions for the fourth consecutive time and Anges and Sara FC are relegated to the lower division.

Asko and Asck, the champion and his runner-up, end the season with draws. The Kondonas already crowned during the 29th chapter, was held in check this Sunday at the Kégué stadium by As OTR. Final score 0 goals everywhere. Asko has remained unbeaten all season. 0-0 also between Asck vice-champion and Tambo de Datcha. Another draw of the day, Dyto and As Binah could not decide. 0 goals everywhere as well.

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Sara FC and Anges de Notsè, although relegated, ended the season on a high note. Club de Bafilo pinned Sémassi 1-0 and it was on the same score that Anges dominated Entente II. Gbohloé-Su traveling to Sokodé also beat Unisport 1-0.

Espoir de Zio also ended its season in style. Tsévié players beat Gomido from Kpalimé 3 goals to 0.

Only 7 goals were scored during this last day. Less than one goal per game. The worst ratio of the season. The greatest number of goals was scored in the game Fc Espoir against Gomido with 3 achievements. Of the 8 matches on the program, there are five victories including one away and three draws.

Yéré Justin de l’Asko finished top scorer of the season with 17 goals. Germain Napo Sonhaye of Dyto is second with 12 goals. Third place is shared by Richmond Owussu of Tambo and Ouattara Abdoul Moutalabou of Asko with 11 goals each. Three players are in 4th place with 10 achievements each. They are Akoro Bilali from Asck, Akpaho Marius from Gbohloé-Su and Abdoul Malick Amidou from Angels. Tchagandi Zourkanéni of Sara FC has 9 goals.

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Results and scorers

Angels 1(61′ Amidou Abdoul Malick) # Entente II

As OTR 0 # 0 Asko

Dyto 0 # 0 As Binah

Hope FC 3 (9′ Yves Tengué; 77′ Denis Ndi; 90′ Valentine Ugwu) # 0 Gomido

Unisport 0 # 1(7′ Germain Coconut Agadji) Gbohloé-Night

Asck 0 # 0 Tambo

As Togo port 1 (13′ Enock Edem Assign) # 0 Just

Sara FC 1(62′ Fad Akpo) # 0 See me


1- ASKO 68 points+ 30

2- ASCK 62 points+26

3- DYTO 50 points+14

4- AS Gbohloe -Su 46 points+ 7

5- AS OTR 43 points+ 5

6- Semassi 41 points + 4

7- AS Binah 39 points+4

8- Tambo FC 38 points -2

9- FC Espoir 37 points -2

10 -Unisport 36 points -9

11 – Gomido FC 33 points – 7

12- AS Togo port 31 points -8

13- Entente II 31 points -13

14- Kakadl 31 points -14

15- Anges 25 points – 16

16- Sara FC 23 points – 20

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