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Dai Qi revealed to the media for the first time after talking to Liu He | Trade War | Phase One Trade Agreement | Tariffs on China

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[Epoch Times October 15, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan comprehensive report) U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said on Thursday (October 14) that he had a phone call with Vice Premier Liu He of the State Council of the Communist Party of China last week It’s a “good start.”

She also stated that she plans to raise the issue of Beijing’s failure to comply with the first phase of the trade agreement in future negotiations with China.

Dai Qi told the media in Geneva, Switzerland on Thursday that the call was a good start.

Then when asked what the administration of US President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) will do about China’s failure to fulfill its trade commitments, she said, “These are the questions we need to raise in dialogue with China.”

The U.S. and China are far from reaching a trade consensus

The United States and China have huge differences on economic and trade issues. The statements made by the two sides after the phone call show that there is still a long way to go to reach a consensus.

The two sides hold opposite views on the implementation of the first phase of the trade agreement signed in January 2020. The agreement requires that the CCP government revise laws and regulations in areas such as intellectual property rights and set specific goals for China to purchase American products. According to Bloomberg’s calculations, so far, China has only purchased half of the goods it has promised to buy.

Qin Gang, the Chinese Communist Party’s ambassador to the United States, was interviewed by Phoenix TV on the 8th. He was asked how he viewed the US’s claim that China had not fully implemented the first phase of the China-US economic and trade agreement. “A step of.

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Qin Gang said that he noted that Dai Qi mentioned that the United States is now seeking to “re-link” with China, and for the first time proposed that it is becoming more and more difficult for Chinese companies to invest and go public in the United States, and that the United States has imposed a list of entities on more than 900 Chinese companies. limit.

Dai Qi, the U.S. Trade Representative, did not mention a word about the withdrawal of tariffs on China by the United States, which the CCP has always been concerned about. Qin Gang repeated the CCP’s official remarks in the past, “There is no winner in a trade war or a tariff war,” and it is necessary to “communicate and negotiate.”

However, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo publicly stated in September that China had failed to abide by its commitment to purchase goods and pointed out that the Beijing government prevented Chinese airlines from buying “tens of billions of dollars” of Boeing aircraft.

Dai Qi also emphasized in a speech at a think tank on the 4th that the US government will work hard to require China to implement its commitments in the trade agreement.

In a statement, she “emphasized the U.S.’s concern over China’s (CCP) state-led non-market policies and practices that harm American workers, farmers, and businesses.”

Bloomberg reported that there is no sign that China is willing to make changes in this regard. This topic did not appear in China’s official statement. Instead, he emphasized that Liu He clarified Beijing’s position, which is related to “China’s economic development model and industry policies,” and asked the United States to abolish all tariffs and sanctions.

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The US statement also did not mention that the two sides had discussed the elimination of tariffs. Although the United States has previously announced that it will start a new procedure to exclude some goods imported from China from tariffs, there is no sign that it plans to permanently abolish other tariffs imposed on Chinese goods.

A number of US media previously reported that the Biden administration’s investigation of China’s industrial policies may lead to more tariffs.

Biden hasn’t announced its China policy, the Chinese Communist Party’s media screamed “Can’t wait”

The leaders of the two countries, Xi Jinping and Biden, had a phone call in September, and the two sides recently reached a principled opinion that an online video meeting will be held within the year.

The CCP’s external propaganda media Duowei News published an analysis article (titled “Xi Jinping, Biden’s Voice over the Talks”) on this call. The article said that according to the Xinhua News Agency, Xi Jinping reminded Biden during the call It is necessary to “show strategic courage and political courage” to reverse Sino-US relations.

The article also directly expressed Beijing’s dissatisfaction with Biden. Biden “always hopes not to take’small steps’ to advance Sino-US relations in a hurry.” “This can only be said to be too conservative. Can you really afford to wait?”

Cheng Xiaonong, an expert on China’s economic issues in the United States, wrote to Epoch Times in September that Duowei.com’s sentence “Sino-US trade cannot afford to wait” shows that the CCP is indeed very annoyed and eagerly hopes that Biden will cancel all containment measures against China. Help the CCP to reverse its economic difficulties.

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“If the U.S. can remove all tariffs on Chinese products as soon as possible, it will undoubtedly give the CCP’s weak economy a shot. Because of this, the CCP has been meeting with senior Chinese and U.S. diplomats in the Alaska and Tianjin talks this year. Biden’s climate envoy, Kerry, has repeatedly expressed a tough stance during the two talks, hoping that by exerting the utmost pressure on the Biden authorities, Biden will be forced to take immediate measures to realize the CCP’s aspirations.”

The New York Times reported in September that more than seven months after President Biden entered the White House, the American business community has become increasingly frustrated with the Biden administration’s trade policy toward China. Outside of the restrictive policies of ), there is not much clarity on economic contacts and trade policies with China.

American economist and special editor of The National Interest magazine Milton Ezrati told The Epoch Times, “Biden (after taking office) almost instinctively overthrew what Trump did. Everything except tariffs. However, there is no indication that they will remove tariffs. In fact, the U.S. Trade RepresentativeDai QiThe threat (in terms of sanctions) has to be done more. “

“The two parties in the United States, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, are hostile to China (the Chinese Communist Party). Therefore, even if they are willing, it is difficult for the White House to make concessions.” Ezrati added.

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