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Daidalos: New aesthetic positions, innovative technical solutions

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Daidalos: New aesthetic positions, innovative technical solutions

The construction of new buildings has also come under increasing discussion in Upper Austria in recent years. The reasons for this are diverse and mostly relate to aspects of climate protection and sustainability. Despite the often justified criticism, we will not be able to completely forego the construction of new architecture in the future. As always, it is a question of moderation. With the “Sophisticatedly Planned” category, Upper Austria’s Daidalos Architecture Prize consciously acknowledges newly planned buildings.

These not only offer the opportunity for progressive aesthetic concepts that enrich the architectural landscape in an exciting and attractive way. Important technical and design innovations continue to be implemented in this segment with great commitment.

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Round table on sustainability, land consumption and the order situation in the construction industry

The Oberösterreichische Nachrichten invited people to a round table and asked industry representatives, politicians and the OÖN architecture critic what role sustainability, land consumption and the order situation currently play in the construction industry.

The many remarkable submissions in this category made it more than clear that Upper Austrian architectural offices plan for sustainable and responsible development. The Daidalos jury (Heidi Pretterhofer, Christian Tabernig and Georg Wilbertz) discussed intensively until the five nominees presented below were decided.

Rural farm rethought: With the “House in the Kälbergarten” the Froetscher Lichtenwagner office created a new building within a historical ensemble that combines a compact residential building with an intimate courtyard. This reinterprets the theme of the farm, abstracts its historical models and creates a building type that fits naturally into the loose development of the place – with design self-confidence.

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Froetscher Lichtenwagner, house in the calf garden, Krenglbach Image: Bruno Klomfar

“High-rise” in the village: Many extraordinary circumstances enabled the architect Andreas Pühringer from slp-Architekten to build a four-story residential building made entirely of wood in a village context. Not only the consistent aesthetic design outside and inside, but also the sophisticated use of the material, its constructive requirements and detailed solutions justify the special significance of this design.

Schneider Lengauer Pühringer, “The High Black”, Anitzberg Image: Kurt Hoerbst

New center for Vöcklamarkt: With their solution for a new office building and health center in Vöcklamarkt, the sps architects office has achieved nothing less than the urban and functional restructuring of the town center. Your building, constructed in hybrid construction (solid construction and wooden construction), combines different functions. The architectural language is reserved and harmonizes with the built environment. Great importance was placed on the detailed design and execution.

Sps, Community Center and House of Health, Vöcklamarkt Image: Andrew Phelps

Friendly city roofs: The cloud-shaped moving roofs above the bus terminal by Steinkogler Aigner Architekten (landscape architecture Atelier dede) make an important contribution to the architectural and climatic improvement of the situation on Kaiser-Josef-Platz in Wels. Drawing on utopias of the 1960s/1970s, the design creates an effective contrast to the existing development and redefines the urban space. This is done with great awareness of the ecological requirements of the construction task.

Committed tourism architecture: The new construction of the Schafbergbahn valley station in St. Wolfgang by the Dunkelschwarz office succeeds in combining a technically and functionally demanding construction task with a symbolic architecture. This not only reflects the important tradition of industrial and train station architecture, but also combines impressively with the scenic qualities of the place. Ambitious structural solutions and layering create an unusual transparency that leads to a dynamic interior effect.

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Dark black, Schafbergbahn valley station, St. Wolfgang Image: Albrecht Imanuel Schnabl

The nominated projects

“Sophisticatedly planned” category, in alphabetical order:

Dunkelschwarz ZT GmbH, Schafbergbahn valley station, St. Wolfgang Froetscher Lichtenwagner ZT GmbH, Haus im Kälbergarten, Krenglbach Schneider Lengauer Pühringer Architekten ZT GmbH, Das hoch Schwarzen, Anitzberg Sps-Architekten ZT GmbH, community center and house of health, Vöcklamarkt Steinkogler Aigner Architekten ZT GmbH , Kaiser-Josef-Platz, Wels

The awards ceremony

The jury selected the nominees in the categories “Valuable Substance” and “Ingeniously Planned” as well as for the special prize “Proven Buildings”.

The award ceremony for the Upper Austrian Architecture Prize Daidalos will take place on March 21st in the Promenaden Galleries Linz.

The OÖNachrichten awards the Daidalos together with the Chamber of Civil Engineers for Upper Austria and Salzburg. Other partners include Energie AG, Hypo Oberösterreich, WAG, Land Oberösterreich, Neue Heimat, WSG and afo architekturforum Oberösterreich.


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