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Damage, much damage! | The New Century

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Damage, much damage!  |  The New Century

* Bell on health reform

* Socialization and coordination

It is curious, but in a country that apparently only sees politics through the thunderous and epidermic lens of social networks, when it comes to substantive issues, such as the sensitive issue of health, another is behavior. Perhaps it could be said that in general a more responsible and thoughtful attitude is assumed, apart from the usual wineries. Perhaps because it is a matter that, word for word, is life or death, according to what we described in a previous editorial… and that we reiterate.

For this reason, faced with the governmental reform of the health system, which has given rise to a great debate in advance before submitting its text for consideration by Congress, it is necessary to ask, even ad nauseam, for a deep socialization and agreement, since within the The same cabinet has warned voices, highly experienced in the matter, such as Alejandro Gaviria, that taking a project to the letter under the conditions that are intended would do irreparable damage to the country. Leaving aside such decisive opinions, in fact, supported by precise documents, would undoubtedly be irresponsible.

Of course, the ideal for Colombia would be to have the health standards of countries such as France, Italy, Singapore or Spain, in terms of care, efficacy, technology and coverage, but it is also not wise to maintain that the prevailing system in our nation is in last position in the world table On the contrary, reports of the highest universal credibility indicate, with the respective rigor, that the Colombian system occupies reasonably good positions, well above its Latin American neighbors, except for Argentina and Mexico.

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It must not be forgotten either that a good health system, be it state, mixed or privately managed, which has structural legislation endowed with the human and material means to support it, and whose objective is to fully meet the needs of the entire population, it also requires additional levers, transversal to its purpose, such as occurs with culture and eating habits. In this regard, it is not surprising that Italy, the first healthiest country in the world to live in, enjoys at the same time a first-rate health service (although hit by the pandemic) which, in turn, finds complement and basic sustenance in the feed ingredients from early childhood. This, as we say, produces favorable effects on the health system itself which, for an evaluation, requires a holistic approach beyond just immediate performance.

For its part, the intended reform of the Colombian system, under the idea of ​​creating a single public health scheme, among others, administered by the State through a multitudinous National Council, intends to copy international models that, certainly , have been effective in some European countries (such as Italy itself). The difference, of course, is that the State is one thing in those countries and quite another in Colombia where, although it operates in certain circumstances, in others it has proven absolutely ineffective and corrupt. One of them, precisely, when he had a wide sleeve to fulfill those direct public health functions that still today, after 30 years, continue to be regrettable. For this reason, proposing this alternative as a great way out sounds in the country perhaps like a return to the time of the caves, generating a deep and even painful uncertainty.

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It is one thing, then, to try to import health systems that are presented here as a panacea and another is the Colombian reality in which it has been possible to build one of its own, in three decades of efforts and evaluations. Without this implying, as was said, leaving aside additional revisions and refinements. Even evaluating variables of mixed systems, such as that of France, which occupies the first place in the world ranking.

On the other hand, the Colombian private regime is completely exempt from anomalies and gaps. It would suffice to recall what President Gustavo Petro himself had to do, when he was mayor of Bogotá, with an EPS dedicated to fleecing. As with others, it has been necessary to proceed to its closure and criminal investigation. Not for this reason the others have stopped doing a loyal, conscientious and professional job.

Well then, the fundamental point is that, for a job of this nature, such as health reform, the best possible instrument and the only viable one is agreement with proper socialization. Otherwise, the words of Minister Gaviria, which are already flying throughout the country, will continue to reverberate: “the proposed reform can do harm. Lots of damage.”

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