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Dani Alves’s wife asks him for a divorce amid accusations that he raped a woman

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Dani Alves’s wife asks him for a divorce amid accusations that he raped a woman

The model Joana Sanz, 29, has filed for divorce from her husband, the Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves, accused of raping a young woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. It has been her, via Instagram and with a letter written in her own handwriting, who has clarified the situation in which she finds herself and has announced the divorce of the one who has been her partner for the last eight years.

In February, the woman showed her support for the 39-year-old athlete, demanded privacy in the face of his situation and confirmed, both on her social networks and in front of the cameras, that she was not going to separate from Alves and that she was not going to “abandon” him. in the “worst moment” of his life.

“I know who my husband is. I know how respectful he is.”he came to say on a television program. “I have seen many times how women approach the booth, daring, to try something with my husband and in my face. If they do it in my presence, I don’t want to imagine when I’m not there.”.

Instead, a few weeks later, he has changed his stance. “Since I was little I write my feelings to express myself, I suppose because I am an only child. Whatever it is, it does me good, ”writes Sanz in the first lines of the letter that she has shared on Instagram and that in just two hours she has accumulated almost 20,000 I like.

At the moment, Alves remains in pretrial detention awaiting trial. The investigation into the cause is well advanced and all the proceedings have been carried out. The different versions that he has given to the ex-soccer player before the judge and the firm position of the victim, who has not wavered at any time about what happened, do not help his defense.

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The one who until his arrest was a Pumas de México player (who terminated his contract immediately) began by denying that he knew the 23-year-old girl, and later defended that she gave him consensual fellatio. However, biological evidence, such as the semen found in the woman’s genital area and which corresponds to Alves’ DNA, give the victim’s story even more veracity.

BARCELONA, 02/06/2022.- FC Barcelona’s Brazilian defender Dani Alves (c) celebrates with his teammates after scoring a goal during the League match between FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid this afternoon at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona. EFE/Alejandro Garcia

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