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Daniel Quintero’s warning that scares Dimayor and Win Sports

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Daniel Quintero’s warning that scares Dimayor and Win Sports

If Win Sports maintains its position of not providing the transmission of the great final of Colombian soccer between Atlético Nacional and Millonarios, there are many corporate and political and even sports consequences that can arise.

By not giving up on this issue, andhe Mayor of Medellín was emphatic that he will take drastic measures in Medellín as of the next match to be played. The president was quite outraged by what happened.

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“We even offered to Win Sports to pay them to let the game be broadcast on Giant Screens, and the opportunity for them to take advantage of the public space and promote their brand. Myopia is incredible. No company succeeds by earning the contempt of its customers.assured Mayor Quintero.

To Quintero’s request, the answer was a resounding no: “Football in Colombia was privatized for us. They told us no because it was a private event and that even if we paid them they would not let us put up the giant screens”.

According to Quintero, for Win Sports and Dimayor, football is an event of public interest only when it suits them: “This is incredible because when it comes to providing security in the stadium, which they should do, they tell us no, that It is an event of public interest and they ask us to put the police. AND when it comes to stadium prices, they say don’t charge them so much because it’s a public interest event.”

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If Win Sports does not open the doors to negotiate the broadcast of the final on giant screens, Dimayor and the Medellín teams will pay the consequences. “Since they are the ones who say that it is an event of private interest and complying with the national police code, they must assume security, the 900 policemen that we have to put will have to put them with private security ”.

“The same will happen with the price of the stadiums.Today we have a subsidy for a private actor who, at important times like this, forgets that soccer is something that unites us all as a nation and that it is of public interest, even if they don’t understand it”.

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