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Daniela Santanché “grotesque”: the controversy breaks out over the post of the Lombard Pd councilor

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Controversy in Lombardy on the councilor of the Democratic Party Carmela Rozza who on Facebook relaunched an ironic post on a photo of Daniela Santanché – published on social media two days ago by the same senator and coordinator of Fdi in Lombardy – writing above: «Disturbing. Between silicone and Photoshop, the grotesque has served us ».

«The Facebook post with which Carmela Rozza defines the honorable Daniela Santanchè as ‘grotesque’ because, according to her, she would have resorted to ‘silicone and Photoshop’ is a bad taste slip. In many cases I appreciate the frankness of the councilor Rozza but today she should take a step back and apologize “, declares the leader of Forza Italia to the Lombardy Regional Council, Gianluca Comazzi, according to whom” it is curious that such a comment comes from a exponent of the Democratic Party and above all by a woman “

Even the commissioner of the Lega in Milan Stefano Bolognini expresses solidarity with Santanché for Rozza’s “deeply offensive” post with the aggravating circumstance of having been written “a few hours before the Day against violence against women”. “Now – continues the Northern League exponent – I expect at least the apologies of the councilor Rozza for her post and I hope that the Democratic Party will definitely distance itself and condemn this vulgar and sad episode of body-shaming”.

The leader of the Fdi al Pirellone group, Franco Lucente, speaks of a “bad impression”. his physical appearance. From today the battles of my colleague Rozza in defense of women will no longer have the same value ».

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