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David Rossi of Mps: the new video and the maxi-expertise on death

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David Rossi of Mps: the new video and the maxi-expertise on death

Not a single video of a video surveillance camera was acquired relating to the evening in which the former head of Communications of MPS and manager died David Rossy, as has always been believed up to now, but in reality another one was also acquired. It emerged during the press conference for the presentation of the results of the maxi appraisal entrusted by the same Commission to the special departments of the Carabinieri and to a medical examiner board. “The video concerns the exit of Mps from Piazza Badia, recorded at 20.01 on the evening in which Rossi died, identifies two subjects who leave”, explained the president of the Commission Pierantonio Zanettin.

The video sent to the prosecutor: contrasts with procedural documents

The video was “immediately transmitted to the Genoa prosecutor’s office because it contrasts with all the procedural documents in which it was said that a single video had been collected on the moments before or after Rossi’s fall, that of camera 6, in reality it was also collected a video of the 8 “camera. “It is surprising that this video, even though it was then acquired, was canceled because until now all the documents had ruled out that it had been acquired”, he continued.

Rossi case, the widow: “The new video is shocking, it was not rescued”

“The phone call from Santanché a printout error”

“There was the ringing of the phone, but there was in fact no voice”. Like this Rubino Tomassetticommander of the technical investigation department of the Ros of the carabinieri, regarding the phone call from Daniela Santanchè to David Rossi’s cell phone number, shortly after the death of the former head of communication of the MPS bank, David Rossi. Tomassetti, today in Palazzo San Macuto in Rome, illustrated some of the results of the maxi report, consisting of the reports of the carabinieri of Ros, Ris, Racis and of medical examiners, ordered by the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the death of David Rossi, which On the evening of March 6, 2013, he fell from the window of his office in Siena. The Ros expert explained that with regard to Santanchè’s call to Rossi there was a “printout error” and that “at the time the system began to calculate the call from the moment it connected to the network: the attempt also coincides with the rings, there was in fact no voice “.

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The maxexperience on death: he let himself fall

“Among the various hypotheses” on the death of David Rossi “the most compatible” made through a simulation with virtual anthropomorphic mannequins “is the one referable to an anti-conservative gesture in which Dr. Rossi, conscious, hangs out of the window , clinging to the protection bar with both hands and finally letting himself fall into the void below “. That’s what he says Sergio Schiavone, commander of the ris of the carabinieri, illustrating part of the results of the maxi-expertise entrusted to the special departments of the weapon and to a medical examiner board by the parliamentary inquiry commission on the death of the former communications chief of monte paschi di siena who, evening of 6 March 2013, he fell from the window of his office in the midst of the judicial storm that had hit the top management of the Sienese bank. The head of the res concludes: “the other hypotheses relating to the presence of third parties pushing or dropping the inanimate body of Dr. Rossi produce falling dynamics that are not compatible with the precipitation of the body found in the video surveillance footage”.

930 pages of forensic studies

This is a maxi-report of 930 pages, the president of the commission explained during the press conference at Palazzo San Macuto, Pierantonio Zanettin. The result of all this work – he underlined – is very impressive but today we will make a summary of it because they are almost a thousand pages in total, plus the attachments with forensic copies of the technical-computer equipment on digital support for about a terabyte, so it is very impressive material . I want to thank all the special corps of the carabinieri, ris, ros and racis for their impressive work and collaboration “.

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The mail before the fall

“For us, David Rossi’s e-mail is not strange to us. It was written and sent before Rossi’s crash and not three days after March 6, 2013”. He said it Massimo Giannetti, of the Racis department of the carabinieri regarding the email sent to the CEO of Banca Mps in which he expressed his intention to commit suicide. The military then explained technically why there was a discrepancy between the date of the email sent by Rossi and what was contained in the Mps files.

The family lawyer: “What emerges is very serious, the investigations were ridiculous”

“Declarations of dozens of subjects denied by the deleted video content. Hard photos with subjects not yet identified deleted from the laptop used by Rossi – declares the lawyer Carmelo Miceli, lawyer of Antonella Tognazzi, wife of David Rossi and her daughter – These are just some of the things that are emerging in a very serious way from the press conference. What else must happen so that anyone, first the prosecutors of Siena, recognize that the investigations that have been made up to now have been simply ridiculous? “The criminal lawyer continues:” Really these things had to be discovered by a commission of inquiry and not by the Public Prosecutor’s Office? Prosecutor of Siena still believes that it does not have to acknowledge its mistakes and does not have to go back to carrying out new investigations? “.

The doctor: “The delay in rescue has taken away the chance of surviving”

“Doctor David Rossi’s chances of survival were taken away in the twenty minutes in which he was not rescued”. The doctor said so Roberto Testi, director of the prevention department of the Asl Città di Torino. “Rossi – underlined the doctor – was a young person, in good health who had no particular pathologies, who suffered many injuries, but there was no fatal internal bleeding. Consequently to these injuries we can say that David Rossi dies of a combined poly-district trauma, but also for a massive blood broncho-aspiration. With a prolonged agony the lungs filled with blood “.

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