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Daytime high of 27 degrees ‘early summer’… Fine dust ‘Good’ ~ ‘Normal'[내일날씨] :: Sympathy Press Newsis News Agency ::

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Daytime high of 27 degrees ‘early summer’…  Fine dust ‘Good’ ~ ‘Normal'[내일날씨] :: Sympathy Press Newsis News Agency ::

Morning minimum temperature 3-11 degrees, daytime maximum temperature 15-27 degrees

[과천=뉴시스] Reporter Koh Seung-min = Visitors to the Cherry Blossom Festival held at Let’s Run Park Seoul, Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do on the 2nd, showing clear spring weather, are taking commemorative photos with the riding horses of the Korean Racing Association. 2023.04.02. [email protected]

[서울=뉴시스] Reporter Lee Jun-ho = On Monday, the 3rd, the country will be mostly clear and the daytime temperature will rise up to 27 degrees, showing early summer weather.

The Korea Meteorological Administration said on the 2nd, “Tomorrow (3rd), the daytime temperature will rise by more than 20 degrees in most areas of the country, and there will be many places where it will rise by more than 25 degrees, especially in the metropolitan area.”

In addition, the temperature difference between day and night will be very large, with more than 20 degrees in the central inland and more than 15 degrees in the southern inland.

The lowest temperature in the morning will be between 3 and 11 degrees, and the highest during the day will be between 15 and 27 degrees.

The morning minimum temperature in major regions is 10 degrees in Seoul, 10 degrees in Incheon, 6 degrees in Suwon, 3 degrees in Chuncheon, 9 degrees in Gangneung, 7 degrees in Cheongju, 7 degrees in Daejeon, 7 degrees in Jeonju, 8 degrees in Gwangju, 8 degrees in Daegu, 11 degrees in Busan, It is Jeju 12 degrees.

Daytime highs are 27 degrees in Seoul, 23 degrees in Incheon, 26 degrees in Suwon, 26 degrees in Chuncheon, 20 degrees in Gangneung, 24 degrees in Cheongju, 24 degrees in Daejeon, 25 degrees in Jeonju, 25 degrees in Gwangju, 21 degrees in Daegu, 19 degrees in Busan, and 20 degrees in Jeju. too

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The concentration of fine dust is expected to be ‘good’ to ‘normal’ due to smooth atmospheric diffusion in all regions.

Until tomorrow, there will be places in the Gyeongsang region, the southern coast of Jeollanam-do, and Jeju Island where the wind blows at an instantaneous wind speed of 15m or more per second.

In addition, the wind will blow very strongly at 10-16m per second in the southern seas of the East Sea, the southern seas, and the seas of Jeju Island, and the waves will rise as high as 1.5-4.0m.

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