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Dead tourist hit by a boulder on the beach – Sardinia

by admin
Dead tourist hit by a boulder on the beach – Sardinia

by Antonella Brianda

A morning like many others on holiday, a book to take to the beach and a granddaughter with whom to spend the day: Piergiorgio Benegaglia had been on the island of La Maddalena for a few days, a guest with his eight-year-old granddaughter at the Abbatoggia Village campsite, Piergiorgio Benegaglia, The 58-year-old from Novara died this morning in the Olbia hospital from severe abdominal crushing caused by the fall yesterday of a large boulder from the rocky ridge overlooking the Abbatoggia beach.

He had placed his towel and that of the little girl in the shadow of the cliff, no more than four meters high, which lies behind the beach, and had begun to read, when the large granite boulder detached, crushing him. For two hours the firefighters worked to extract Benegaglia from under the boulder, and once the operation was completed, the man was revived by the 118 doctors. He was transported by helicopter to the Giovanni Paolo II hospital in Olbia, the The 58-year-old underwent emergency surgery, but his conditions immediately appeared desperate: he died today at dawn in the intensive care unit.

The granddaughter was not involved in the tragic accident: yesterday, left alone, she had been entrusted to the social workers of the municipality, but already in the late evening she could reunite with her family, who arrived in Olbia with the first useful flight from Piedmont. According to an initial reconstruction, it may have been she, by climbing the cliff and jumping for fun from one rock to another, to cause the landslide. The Carabinieri, coordinated by the Prosecutor of Tempio Pausania, will clarify the exact causes of the collapse and ascertain any responsibility.

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The Adiconsum Sardinia is also moving with an appeal, in view of the summer season, to intensify controls on all the beaches of the island “which, due to their conformation, can represent a danger for bathers. Those that do not give adequate levels safety measures must be restricted to the public”.

The mayor from La Maddalena, Fabio Lai, is currently evaluating whether to prohibit access to the stretch of beach dominated by the ridge, which is particularly crowded with tourists in the summer. “What happened is an unusual event in La Maddalena, which is not an island with a risk of hydrogeological instability – explains the director of the archipelago’s national park institution, Giulio Plastina – Of course, the rains of the last two months could have caused some landslides which, however – he specifies – have never been reported to us”.

But the fragility of the Italian coasts is a real problem, confirmed by a long series of accidents that have occurred over the years. In April 2010 in Ventotene, two 14-year-old Roman students died, and another was seriously injured, due to the collapse of a tuff ridge in Cala Rossana. In September 2001, on the Chiaia di Luna beach in Ponza, a storm took away the barrier signaling the ban and for this reason a 26-year-old girl died from the detachment of a rock ridge. In July 1997, still on the beach of Chiaia di Luna, a 36-year-old worker who was working to position the protective nets to prevent the rocks from falling from the beach wall died. In August 2019 we are in Sicily, when part of the ridge above the beach of the Isola dei Conigli full of bathers, in Lampedusa, collapsed: there will be no deaths but many people were injured.

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