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Deadly Explosion in Hengshui City: Natural Gas Pipeline Ruptures Causing Devastating Fire and Casualties

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Deadly Explosion in Hengshui City: Natural Gas Pipeline Ruptures Causing Devastating Fire and Casualties

Title: Violent Explosion and Fire Rock Hengshui City, 2 Dead and 2 Injured

Date: July 29, 2023
Source: Voice of Hope

A natural gas pipeline rupture during ongoing construction in Hengshui City, Hebei Province, led to a violent explosion, resulting in a devastating fire along the street. The incident claimed the lives of two individuals and left two others severely injured.

According to official media of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), at 10:13 am on July 29, a series of explosions occurred along the Golden Sunshine Community in Hongqi Street, Anping County. The ensuing flames quickly engulfed the street, but firefighters managed to extinguish the fire by 11:20 am. Preliminary investigations reveal that the explosion was triggered by the bursting of natural gas pipelines during the secondary pipeline network reconstruction carried out by the water company.

Unfortunately, the accident has claimed two lives and caused severe injuries to two others. All four individuals were residents living in close proximity to the affected area. Besides the casualties, the explosion also shattered windows in nearby buildings and caused widespread power outages.

Soon after the incident, local netizens took to social media platforms and disputed the official casualty figures, claiming that the number of victims was much higher than reported. Some even alleged that several buildings had been completely destroyed. One comment read, “Two people died? It’s funny, my friend is there, and several buildings were blown up.” Another user stated, “The glass in the opposite village is broken, and area B is in a mess.”

Reports of destroyed buildings and additional casualties contradict the official narrative. A resident revealed, “Two of my clients live in that community. One has already posted an obituary, and I haven’t been able to contact the other one yet!” The situation escalated when another netizen shared a photo, stating, “My friend is there, and she sent me a photo, saying that the entire B area was bombed.”

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Local residents, in their accounts, mentioned that the explosion caused widespread damage, including blown-up wires that were still soaked due to the ongoing rain, resulting in crackling sounds.

A video shared on social media by a netizen captured the moment of the explosion. The footage showed a massive fireball shooting out from a nearby shop towards the road, with flames reaching nearly 100 meters and engulfing the shop across the street. The fire raged on for over an hour, reducing many shops along the street to mere frames and turning dozens of surrounding businesses into ruins. Numerous parked cars were also burned.

The extent of the destruction captured in the video highlights the severity of the incident, with shops along the street being obliterated and the surrounding area deeply affected.

Local authorities are likely to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident, aiming to establish the accurate number of casualties and damage caused by the natural gas pipeline rupture and ensuing explosion.

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