Home News Dear Bills in Treviso, at Casa Marani energy costs more than 374 percent more than in 2021

Dear Bills in Treviso, at Casa Marani energy costs more than 374 percent more than in 2021

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Dear Bills in Treviso, at Casa Marani energy costs more than 374 percent more than in 2021

In July 2022, the bill for electricity costs charged to the Treviso Ipab, the second largest in the brand in terms of number of clients, weighed a good 72 thousand euros more than the previous year.

TREVISO. Casa Marani, IPAB which, with 229 beds and 37 Day Center places, is the second Service Center in terms of number of patients in the province of Treviso, is also experiencing a difficult situation due to the increase in users.

In fact, in July, the cost of electricity charged for the three offices of Casa Marani in Villorba, Paese and Povegliano saw an increase of over 374% compared to the previous year, going from 19 thousand in 2021 to over 91 thousand euros VAT paid in 2022 (Villorba: from € 14,063 to € 66,915; Povegliano: from € 928 to € 4,474; Country: from € 4,251 to 19,855).

An increase that in total touches the exorbitant figure of 72 thousand euros on which the surge in the price of the energy component weighs like a boulder.

Daniela Zambon, President of the IPAB Board of Directors, echoes the appeal launched by the top management of the Villa Belvedere nursing home in Crocetta del Montello, and calls for regulatory intervention at national level so as not to burden families.

«The situation is serious – says Daniela Zambon, President of Casa Marani – and common to all the realities of the territory. This is why we are asking for regulatory intervention at the national level as soon as possible that will put us in a position to cope with what is a real emergency ».

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«Service Centers such as Casa Marani have historically had high consumption due to the activity of medical equipment, the heating of very large rooms in winter and air conditioning in summer. In the last period, however, we have tried to contain consumption as far as possible and in compliance with government guidelines. Much depends on the contracts offered by the managers, but the latest bills have on average marked increases equal to two or three times the previous payments ».

«It should be noted, moreover, that the picture is destined to worsen in view of the winter season with the expected increases in gas bills. These are expenses that will have a heavy impact on budgets, but it is unthinkable to unload the surge in prices of the energy component on households. This is why urgent action is needed – concludes Zambon -. The stability of the country’s social welfare system is at risk ”.

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