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Dear life, from light to car insurance: apps that help you save

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Dear life, from light to car insurance: apps that help you save


Voltz is a digital platform that deals with managing household users correctly. It analyzes the bill and takes care of all the bureaucracy related to the change of supplier, whenever it is possible to save. The platform is financed thanks to commissions from the gas and energy suppliers with whom it has chosen to collaborate.


Switcho is a 100% digital and free platform, which aims to research and select the best offers on the market based on the current situation of those who use it. The app can be downloaded on the main digital stores (App Store and Google Play); is available on iOS and Android. After downloading the app, you are asked to create an account by entering your name and surname together with your email and choosing a password that has at least 8 characters. Alternatively, you can choose additional login methods such as Google or Apple sign-in. Once you have registered, you can start using the app. Among the sectors taken into consideration, besides electricity and gas, home internet, but also vehicle insurance.

Dez it

It is an app, downloadable on the AppStore and GooglePlay, which allows you to have electricity and gas at home, by subscription. It is not a question of a large, medium or small rate to which one adapts, but a real tailor-made subscription, built on the person’s lifestyle. If the offer is of interest, you can choose dez it as your home supplier of electricity and gas. It is necessary to photograph or upload a bill, have a document and a payment method at hand to complete the request.

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Too Good To Go

The goal is to ensure that food is consumed rather than wasted. Every day, in bars, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and supermarkets, great food is thrown away, simply because it is not sold on time. The Too Good To Go application allows users to purchase and collect surprise boxes of these products at an advantageous price, directly from retailers.

Warnings from consumer associations

Marco Vignola ofNational Consumers Union remember that «there are various types of Apps. The most useful are those thanks to which we can control the thermostat, the boiler and other appliances while we are away from home. Others give you valuable advice, which in any case can also be found elsewhere, for example on the internet ». For the Codacons, if on the one hand “apps represent a modern tool that can really help consumers, especially and cut energy waste and consume more consciously and correctly”, on the other, “it is however necessary that such applications are not aimed at to push the user towards this or that electricity and gas supplier, or to promote energy companies with which they have commercial relations and from which they may take commissions in case of stipulation of contracts. It is also good to check, before downloading similar services, if there are any costs or subscriptions, if the version you install is a demo and if the free offer is for a limited period of time, to avoid running into unpleasant surprises ».

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