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Death toll rises to 70 after plane crash in Nepal

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Death toll rises to 70 after plane crash in Nepal

The Nepalese authorities have raised to 70 the death toll due to the accident of a Yeti Airlines plane that crashed Sunday in the Nepalese city of Pokharaat the same time that the process of delivery to the families of the moral remains of the victims has begun.

The Nepal Civil Aviation Authority has indicated in his account on the social network Twitter that “70 of the 72 bodies have been recovered” and has indicated that 22 bodies have been handed over to relatives in Pokhara.

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It has also detailed that “25 bodies have been transferred to Kathmandu and 23 are being transferred to Kathmandu by the Nepalese Army for post mortem analysis at the University Hospital.”

The plane had left Kathmandu at 10:33 a.m. (local time) and, for unknown reasons, crashed on its approach to Pokhara International Airport, in the Seti River valley. The authorities rule out that there may be survivors among the people traveling on board –68 passengers and four crew members–.

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