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Decree ready for Petro to assume regulation of public services

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Decree ready for Petro to assume regulation of public services

They presented the draft of the decree for President Gustavo Petro to assume functions in the regulatory commissions for public services in the country, as he announced a week ago.

According to the document, the president will integrate the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission and the Drinking Water and Basic Sanitation Regulation Commission, “carried out through Decrees 1524 and 2253 of 1994 and other concordant regulations, which, in accordance with the Article 68 of Law 142, will be exercised by the President of the Republic”.

The draft indicates that the general guidelines are “subjection to constitutional and legal principles, purposes and values; Guarantee of disclosure and citizen participation in actions in this matter; relevance, opportunity and quality that guarantee the principles of efficiency, sufficiency , integrality and tariff solidarity; and criteria of the tariff regime of economic efficiency, neutrality, solidarity, redistribution, financial sufficiency, simplicity and transparency”.

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Another important point is that the president would repeal “all the provisions that are contrary to him and will apply to the general regulatory processes that are in process at the time they come into force.”

The draft also says that the Regulation Commissions will continue to issue administrative acts to date, after the decree is signed.

It should be remembered that Petro explained that the reason for assuming these commissions is because “first the general interest and the user, which has been reversed in recent years in Colombia.”

PROJECT DECREE PRESIDENT RESUMES FUNCTIONS (latest version) by Diego Fernando Ariza Romero on Scribd

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