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Deep regret for new case of alleged suicide in Yopal – news

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Deep regret for new case of alleged suicide in Yopal – news

In Yopal, the cases where the community takes justice into its own hands and punishes criminals who are discovered robbing citizens have increased; This weekend two new cases of the so-called “paloterapias” were reported.

Palotherapy in the 40

In Yopal, on Calle 40 with Carrera 11, a 27-year-old citizen was injured in the neck, apparently with a traumatic weapon, after two subjects attacked him to steal his belongings.

The community intervened and gave one of the subjects “paloterapia”, while the accomplice managed to flee, leaving the subject who was identified as Carlos Alberto Díaz Maldonado, who by protocol was transferred by the Police to a health center and later to a hospital. a place of detention.

Fortunately, the injured citizen recovers from the injury caused in the attempted robbery.

Palotherapy for theft in the drugstore

Another case occurred in a drugstore on 40th Street, where a criminal tried to steal money from the cash register.

After calling for help, the subject was identified near the Los Almendros neighborhood pool, where the community caught him and beat him.

The subject was handed over to the authorities wounded, under the warning of a citizen who assured that because insecurity does not give truce, they have had to act in this way to protect their neighborhoods.

Regarding the cases, the Police asked the inhabitants of Yopal to avoid this type of act and immediately call the authorities so that they are the ones to capture the criminals.

Source: news – HOLA Casanare

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