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Demo in Schwerin against the Young Alternative event |  > – News

As of: March 16, 2024 10:24 p.m

The AfD youth organization Junge Alternative organized a lecture evening in the town hall in Schwerin on Saturday evening. There was a counter-demonstration on the market square.

According to police reports, around 120 people gathered on the market square in Schwerin on Saturday evening to protest against a lecture evening by the AfD youth organization Junge Alternative. With whistles, drums and posters, the protesters vented their displeasure at the event, at which right-wing extremist Götz Kubitschek was also invited as the keynote speaker. Kubitschek is co-founder of the “Institute for State Policy”, which is described by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution as a “secure right-wing extremist effort” and, from the point of view of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, occupies a strategically important role in the network of the “New Right”.

Protest is peaceful

The protest on the market square was announced at short notice. The organizers called for the demo on social media on Saturday morning with a flyer under the motto “Never again is now”. The protest was largely peaceful. When Kubitschek arrived, demonstrators briefly blocked the entrance to the town hall.

The city wanted to prevent an appearance in the town hall

The venue was initially not publicly named by Junge Alternative. It was only through research by NDR that it became known last Tuesday where Kubitschek wanted to give his lecture. The city of Schwerin then tried to terminate the rental agreement concluded with Junge Alternative for the town hall hall because, according to its own statements, it knew nothing about Kubitschek’s planned appearance. However, the city was obliged by court order to comply with the contract, citing the right to freedom of expression and the right to equal treatment.

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Trepsdorf: Kubitschek had “eaten chalk”

Journalists and political observers were also allowed to take part in the event. According to Daniel Trepsdorf (Die Linke), who heads the West Mecklenburg Democracy Center, Kubitschek had “eaten chalk” and gave a rather moderate lecture. Trepsdorfs considers this to be “dangerous” because the “actual political guidelines were glossed over and softened”.

Further information

The Higher Administrative Court also ruled in favor of the AfD youth organization Junge Alternative in its dispute with the city of Schwerin. more

After the city terminated the rental agreement for an event in the town hall, the AfD youth organization is now taking action against it. more

The city of Schwerin responded to NDR research and withdrew a rental agreement for an event in the Demmlersaal of the town hall. more

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