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Deng Chao Celebrates Sun Li’s Birthday and Invites Internet to Join in the Celebration

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Deng Chao Wishes Sun Li a Happy Birthday and Invites Everyone to Celebrate Across the Internet

September 26th – Today, actor Deng Chao took to social media to celebrate his wife Sun Li’s birthday. In a heartfelt post, Deng Chao expressed his love and best wishes for Sun Li, while also inviting fans and followers to join in the celebration.

Accompanying the post was a screen saver on Deng Chao’s mobile phone, a delightful child’s drawing of their family of four. Netizens couldn’t help but notice that Deng Chao jokingly commented that the post was a “minute too late,” prompting witty comments from fans suggesting he brace himself for his mother-in-law’s critique.

Sun Li, also known as Friday, was born in Shanghai on September 26, 1982. She is widely recognized as an accomplished actress and singer in Mainland China. Sun Li rose to fame in 2001 after participating in the “Talent Rookies” competition held by Singapore’s “MediaCorp Channel 8,” where she earned the runner-up position and the esteemed Wisdom Award. Following her success, she signed a contract with Hairun Film and Television, officially debuting in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, Deng Chao, born on February 8, 1979, in Nanchang, Jiangxi, is a well-known actor, film director, and investment producer in Mainland China. He began his artistic journey in 1995 when he was admitted to the drama class of Jiangxi Arts Vocational College. Three years later, Deng Chao’s talent was recognized, and he gained admission to the Performance Department of the prestigious Central Academy of Drama. After completing his studies, Deng Chao joined the renowned National Theater of China.

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The love story between Sun Li and Deng Chao blossomed during the 2005 TV series “Happiness is Like a Flower,” where they met and ultimately fell in love. The couple began dating after the promotion period of the TV series and later registered their marriage on February 8, 2010. Their wedding ceremony was held on June 7, 2011, and together, they are proud parents to two beautiful children. Their eldest son, Deng Hanzhi, lovingly called “Wait,” was born on November 12, 2011. Their youngest daughter, Deng Hanyi, adorably nicknamed “Xiaohua,” was born on May 3, 2014.

As Deng Chao and Sun Li celebrate this special day together, their fans and followers join in sending warm birthday wishes and blessings to the talented actress.

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