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Denise, from Moscow the blood test but no DNA

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MAZARA DEL VALLO – “Enough with all this fuss”, whispers the grandmother of Denise when the last television crew lifted the siege from via Domenico La Bruna. It’s eight in the evening. And not even today has the DNA of the Russian girl arrived who the main public broadcaster in Moscow has turned into a star in the program on missing persons. During the recording of the transmission, only the blood type data was provided to the Pipitone family lawyer, Giacomo Frazzitta. Who now says: “At this point, we undress the affair and submit any subsequent investigation to the Public Prosecutor of Marsala”. But is it Denise’s blood type? The lawyer Frazzitta cuts short: “I can’t say that. The agreement is not to reveal it until the broadcast is broadcast in Russia.” That is, today. One more announcement. The television secret that becomes even stronger than the preliminary secret.

The mystery of the girl who disappeared in 2004

Denise’s mother: “Olesya looks like me but I’m waiting for the DNA”

by Alessandra Ziniti

Denise’s grandmother, Francesca Randazzo, whispers in front of the house: “This story has already lasted long enough. But what did the DNA need to do immediately to dispel any doubts? Instead this Russian TV has been going on for many, too many days. And for us it is a continuous suffering. Piera, like all of us, she is embittered, disappointed “. Here, then, is the knot to clarify this whole story as soon as possible: the DNA of Olesya Rostova. For a few days, the prosecutor of Marsala and Interpol have been moving (in silence).

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Case Denise Pipitone, Tuesday face to face on TV with the Russian girl

The prosecutor Vincenzo Pantaleo he maintains the strictest confidentiality on the activities he has delegated to the judicial police section of the carabinieri, and limits himself to saying: “I understand the discomfort of Denise’s family for the media can-can”. The magistrates are waiting for indications from Interpol, to understand exactly what is happening in Russia. Above all, it is hoped that the young Olesya will be available to undergo a DNA test. Of course, no one can force her. But, of course, now, the prosecutor and Interpol are trying to put an end to this dripping of TV ads as soon as possible.

Denise, the truth show on tv. The family: “Life is not a reality show”

by Silvia Fumarola

It was a busy afternoon in this little street on the outskirts of Mazara. The live broadcasts follow one after the other, waiting for the new episode of the Russian broadcast. The lawyer Frazzitta announces from his office: “If scientific exams do not arrive by 4.30 pm, I will not participate in the program”. The time of the ultimatum passes and nothing happens. Then, suddenly, another statement from the lawyer: “I received an email from Olesya Rostova’s lawyer, confirming the availability of cooperation and agreeing to provide us with the results of the exams”.

Case Denise, Piera Maggio’s lawyer: “Cooperation obtained from lawyer Olesya”

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Meanwhile, between one live broadcast and the next, the news arrives in front of Denise’s house that three episodes are being recorded in Russia. And that they saw the young woman in three different dresses. A great set. A gentleman arrives asking if he can leave one of his paintings for Barbara D’Urso. Paolo, 12, who has cycled a lot to get here, also arrives. “I wanted to see what’s behind the TV – he smiles – I still hope that television can help find Denise. We all need to hope.”


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