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Despite the difficulties of transportation and the high costs, Moroccans make the event happen in San Pedro

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Despite the difficulties of transportation and the high costs, Moroccans make the event happen in San Pedro

Hisham bin Thabit: (envoy of knowledge to San Pedro)

The city of San Pedro in Côte d’Ivoire is witnessing an unusual movement, after large numbers of Moroccan fans have flocked there since the end of the week to encourage the Moroccan national team in its matches held in this simple and beautiful coastal city.

Moroccan fans coming from Morocco and a number of European countries, as well as those neighboring Côte d’Ivoire, arrived in the capital, Abidjan, last Saturday and Sunday, before heading the day before yesterday, Tuesday, towards San Pedro.

Because the city of San Pedro lacks sufficient tourist infrastructure, Moroccan fans have found it extremely difficult to find a place to stay, as the hotels available are few and their capacity is weak, forcing many of them to resort to furnished apartments, despite their modesty and high prices.

On a tour of “Al-Alam” in many of the city’s neighborhoods, you hardly pass by a neighborhood without finding a group of Moroccans walking around wearing the Moroccan flag and wearing the shirts of the national team.
The most prominent point where Moroccan fans meet is a café in an area called “City” or “The City” in Arabic. This café is owned by Moroccans and serves Moroccan meals with Moroccan tea.

This café witnesses Moroccans exchanging conversations while watching Cannes matches on a large screen provided by the café owner.

In an interview with Al-Alam with young Moroccans who arrived in San Pedro, they did not hide the difficulties they faced in order to come to Côte d’Ivoire, starting with the high prices of airline tickets, passing through the long distance between the capital, Abidjan, and the city of San Pedro, and the costs that this transportation required, as one plane You only travel between the two cities once a day and at five in the evening, not to mention its high costs. The solution was to resort to buses or rent cars with drivers and form separate groups.

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On the other hand, citizens of the city of San Pedro did not hide their happiness with the influx of large numbers of Moroccan fans to their city, which created a great economic boom in its various regions, and expressed their admiration for the way the Moroccan public encouraged its national team.

The Ivorians do not forget the impressive level demonstrated by the Atlas Lions in the last World Cup in Qatar, and their honor for the African continent, praising their performance and wishing them the best in the African Cup of Nations hosted by their country.

It is worth noting that the Lions began their journey in the Côte d’Ivoire Africa Cup of Nations 2023, with a convincing victory over Tanzania with a clean score, yesterday, Wednesday, in the first round of Group Six, and they will face the Democratic Republic of Congo next Sunday, January 21, in the second round, while they will conclude Group stage against Zambia on the 24th of the same month.

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