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Diaoyuan “Digital Village” Builds a New System of Rural Digital Governance_Oriental Fortune Network

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News from this newspaper (Reporter Wu Guangcheng) “Friends of the villagers, according to the notification from the headquarters of the Diaoyuan Ancient Village Scenic Spot Improvement Project, there is an urgent need for a number of short-time workers with favorable wages. If you are interested, please contact the village committee.” At the intersection of the Diaoyuan Village Committee Office Building and 6 Natural Villages in Xingqiao Town, Jizhou District, the “Digital Village” platform AI cloud broadcasts job recruitment information. In less than 2 hours, more than 150 villagers came to the village committee to sign a labor agreement.

Villager Liu Xiaozhen said that this “digital village” platform is indeed very convenient, allowing them to understand and grasp the party’s policies, information on getting rich, news, etc. without leaving their homes. Happiness and security.

It is understood that Diaoyuan’s “Digital Village” platform is established byChina UnicomAt the end of last year, the Jiangxi branch invested more than 200,000 yuan in donations and construction assistance, mainly for rural cadres and villagers, and realized online services such as organization, communication, and collaboration, and injected “smart genes” into rural governance and services. The platform uses 5G and big data to digitize rural management, security monitoring and rural broadcasting.

“Diaoyuan’s ‘Digital Village’ platform satisfies the information exchange between towns and villages, and the information sharing between villages, so as to realize safe protection of villages, industrial development of villages, smart management of villages, and ecological beauty villages.” The person in charge of Xingqiao Town He told reporters that digital rural construction goes directly to the grassroots level, which saves work time and improves work efficiency.

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At present, the first phase of the “Digital Village” platform of Diaoyuan Village has realized basic livelihood functions such as real-time monitoring and AI cloud broadcasting.This year, the platform will also rely on edge computing, Internet of Things and other technologies to add functions such as digital smart planting greenhouses, rural e-commerce, and cold chain management.agricultural productsThe whole industry chain from planting to sales to cold chain distribution will further reduce sales costs, improve sales efficiency, and better empower and enhance rural revitalization.

Villagers can learn about the village’s various expenditures, engineering projects and other village affairs information through their mobile phones;social securityBusinesses such as medical insurance can be handled on the mobile phone without leaving home; activities such as safety patrol and living environment management are carried out in the village, and the task list is pushed by DingTalk and APP, and the order is taken by the villagers in a few minutes… Walk into Diaoyu In Yuan Village, while enjoying the ancient rhythm of the book, the “Digital Village” guide sign hanging at the entrance of the village makes people feel the new changes brought to this ancient village by the information age.

“This year’s Central No. 1 document proposes to vigorously promote the construction of digital villages. In the next step, we will take the help of policies and take digital village construction as an important aspect of comprehensive digital transformation, and take multiple measures to make the village cultural tourism in Diaoyuan Ancient Village go digital.” Diaoyuan Yuan Youquan, the captain and first secretary of the village work team in the village, said that the “Digital Village” platform not only facilitates the “two committees” of the village to identify the entry point of democratic supervision, grasp the focus of the people, and grasp the foothold of the public’s appeal, but also realizes the data “More travel” and “less errands” for the masses have made it possible for the masses to directly reach their demands online and to implement village services online.

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In the ancient village of Diaoyuan, digital applications are accelerating their integration into industrial revitalization, urban-rural integration, and rural governance, adding a smart background to the overall rural revitalization.

(Article source: Jinggangshan News)

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