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Differences between members of the En Marcha party in Valledupar

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Differences between members of the En Marcha party in Valledupar

For this Saturday, March 2, the election of the municipal directors of Valledupar of the party was scheduled On going. However, several members arrived at the location and questioned that they had not even been invited to choose the location of the assembly. At that moment the discussion began.

“I demand that the legality of the party assembly On going given how it is established in the party’s statutes. Jesús Pumarejo, who had a significant vote for Council, nor was he consulted about the place where the assembly was going to be held. Not even the party’s disability representative (they told him). “We are demanding that things be done as they are established, without manipulation,” said Indira Isabel Araméndiz, former candidate for the Council for En Marcha.

At the same time, he assured that they were being violated “participation rights”. “I told the councilor, I told him to meet with the entire team of On going Before organizing the assembly, explain to them, if you are going to lead something, lead with everyone on the list,” the former Council candidate is heard saying.

Despite the discussion, the assembly moved forward and the municipal committee was elected: David Sierra was elected president; Jhon Jairo Quintero remained as vice president, and Alfonso Carrascal as general secretary. “The idea is to work for the municipality; work for all the bases, and keep going, which is the most important thing,” said President David Sierra.


The national leader of the party is the former minister Juan Fernando Cristo; At the local level, the leadership was headed by former mayoral candidate and councilor Christian José Moreno before he suffered the car accident on February 3.

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Without the presence of Moreno, the other councilor of the party, Diego Viveros, has taken the lead with some controversies, such as the one that occurred this Saturday.

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