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Difficult water shortage situation in Cajicá

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Difficult water shortage situation in Cajicá


For more than a week, 40% of the inhabitants of the municipality have been without a water supply. The municipal administration assures that this situation is due to changes in the supply by the Bogota Aqueduct and Sewerage Company (EAAB), which has been supplying water to the municipality for more than 45 years.

Regarding the above, the Bogotá Aqueduct itself indicated that no changes have been made in the water pressure that reaches the municipality. “”At the point of entry to Cajicá, the average flow for the year 2022 increased to 182 liters per second, in no case has the EAAB supply to the municipality been reduced.”

At the moment, the municipal administration is carrying out staggered water cuts by sectors for a duration of 12 hours to concentrate the flow in specific areas of the municipality. For its part, the tank truck service that can be requested by the community is maintained.

The Cajicá Mayor’s Office announced the implementation of a re-pumping plant and the construction of a compensation tank, which will have a value of $25,348 million, with which it is expected to stabilize the water service in the coming months.

Likewise, “the departmental administration will supply 82% of the cost, and the municipality 18%, will begin around the month of April and whose execution will take about 8 months. It is a measure, already made viable by the National Government, which will regulate the pressure and quality of the water supplied throughout Cajicá”.

The other announcement is that, if the quality and pressure of the water does not improve within a period of 45 days, the fee will not be collected in the municipality.

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