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Digital “Dancing” Wonderful Life——Written at the Opening of the 5th Digital China Construction Summit- China Daily

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Digital “Dancing” Wonderful Life——Written at the Opening of the 5th Digital China Construction Summit- China Daily

Xinhua News Agency, Fuzhou, July 22. Title: Digital “Dancing” Wonderful Life – Written on the occasion of the opening of the 5th Digital China Construction Summit

Xinhua News Agency reporters Dong Jianguo and Yan Zhihong

The 5th Digital China Construction Summit will be held in Fuzhou, Fujian on the 23rd. A feast of digital development with innovation blooming and “digital” dancing is about to start.

The exterior of the exhibition hall of the 5th Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition, taken on July 22.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lin Shanchuan

In the spring of 2018, the first Digital China Construction Summit kicked off in Fuzhou. In the blink of an eye, it has entered its fifth year. It is understood that the Digital China Construction Summit, which has been successfully held for four consecutive years, has become four important platforms in the digital field: an information development policy release platform, a platform for displaying the latest achievements of digital China construction, a platform for exchanging theoretical experience and practice in e-government and digital economy, and a platform for gathering A cooperation platform for global forces to promote the construction of digital China.

The cooperation results have been implemented one after another, the “circle of friends” has been further expanded, and the number of activities has continued to increase… Through the window of the Digital China Construction Summit, we can see a new picture of the vigorous and upward development of Digital China.

Looking back at the previous four Digital China Construction Summits, nearly a thousand heavyweight experts and scholars gathered, held nearly 400 new product and new technology conferences, and facilitated the signing of more than 1,400 digital projects with a total investment of more than 1 trillion yuan. Digital China The construction summit was fruitful.

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On July 22, visitors experienced virtual makeup at the 5th Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lin Shanchuan

The Digital China Construction Summit promotes the continuous deepening of the construction of “Digital Fujian” and boosts the development of China’s informatization. Robots, unmanned driving, artificial intelligence and other new products are fascinating. The drone express platform, AI intelligent diagnosis and treatment system, VR smart classroom, and intelligent life scenes are eye-catching everywhere… Four consecutive splendid digital China construction achievements exhibition , which outlines the new face of the digital age from different sides.

The digital economy is empowering high-quality development with strong momentum. As one of the important clusters in the national textile industry, Changle, Fujian, leverages digital technology and industrial Internet to accelerate the pace of innovation-driven transformation.

Walking into the workshop of Fujian Jingfeng Technology Co., Ltd., the intelligent robot was busy back and forth, flexibly waving its arms, and handed a roll of silk cake to the crane. After receiving the silk cake, the crane smoothly rises into the air, joins the intelligent conveying queue, and sends the silk cake to the intelligent inspection station and intelligent weighing station. These actions are completed in one go. “Intelligent production equipment in the whole process saves manpower and improves economic benefits.” Li Zhulong, director of Jingfeng Company, said that traditional enterprises produce 200,000 tons of nylon annually, and at least 1,100 workers are needed, while Jingfeng only needs 420 people, only labor In terms of cost, it can save 45 million yuan per year.

“Combination of virtual and real”, the world is wider. The digital economy has accelerated the pace of innovation in Fujian’s traditional industries, broadened the space for the development of the real economy, and has become an important engine for the high-quality development of Fujian Province. In 2021, the added value of Fujian’s digital economy will reach 2.3 trillion yuan, an increase of 15%, accounting for about 47% of GDP. At present, more than 50,000 enterprises in Fujian are “on the cloud platform”, and the empowerment effects such as big data and artificial intelligence are becoming more and more obvious.

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On July 22, children played chess with AI robots at the 5th Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Yi

The tide rises in Bamin, linking the whole country. With the “two-wheel drive” of digital industrialization and industrial digitization, my country’s digital economy is flourishing. Data show that last year, the scale of my country’s digital economy exceeded 45 trillion yuan, and the proportion of digital economy in the total GDP increased to 39.8%.

Under the digital wave, various new formats and models are emerging. In the countryside, a mobile phone and a selfie stick are becoming the “new farm tools” for more and more farmers; in the city, online car-hailing, errand runners, and courier guys roam the streets.

In recent years, the “hand-held” and “up to one run” of government services have been widely practiced across the country, which not only facilitates the common people, but also improves the efficiency of government functional departments. At present, Fujian has established a “one network” for administrative examination and approval in the whole province, with 80.4% of all government service matters being handled online, and 90.3% of “one trip without running”.

In Xiamen, the “Respect for the Elderly Love Code” serving the “silver-haired people” is quietly making such a change. Go to the pharmacy to buy medicine, take a walk in the park, as long as you need to show the health code, the elderly can use the “respect for the elderly code” printed as a paper QR code to ask the staff to scan the code for verification to determine the current health of the elderly Code Status – This “reverse code scanning” innovation makes it easier for the elderly to pass.

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On July 22, the audience experienced the smart medical project at the 5th Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Yi

The exploration and innovation of Digital China has also allowed people to enjoy a more exciting life.

As the third batch of digital RMB pilot cities in my country, not long ago, in order to welcome the fifth Digital China Construction Summit, Fuzhou distributed 200,000 digital RMB red envelopes to citizens. Through lottery, many Fuzhou citizens received 100 yuan digital RMB red envelopes. These red envelopes can be used in more than 9,000 merchants with zero threshold and in stages, covering most scenes of citizens’ life.

You can complete online payment by swiping your face, easily handle personal tax by clicking on the screen of your mobile phone, and handle government affairs with one click on the palm of your hand. Today, the vivid scene of digital China construction is within reach, and the new intelligent life that people dream of is gradually becoming a reality.

Changed by numbers, excited by numbers. Looking forward to the future, a series of new digital applications will accelerate, and Digital China will usher in a broader development prospect.

[Editor in charge: Xu Dan]

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