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Digital Germany ticket with obstacles for seniors

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Digital Germany ticket with obstacles for seniors

A Paper ticket would be nice but is prohibited by law

The Central Saxony transport association (VMS) is prepared for the introduction of the Deutschlandticket. But press chief Falk Ester also knows the limits of what is possible. “We are not allowed to offer a paper ticket. That is stipulated in the fare conditions of the Deutschlandticket.”

This was determined by the coordination council of the federal and state governments on March 7, 2023. Chip cards should be possible on a transitional basis. “We at VMS decided years ago not to offer chip cards, but to rely on mobile phone tickets. So we cannot introduce paper tickets either. We are forbidden by law.

We cannot introduce a paper ticket. We are forbidden by law.

Falk Ester
Spokesman for the Central Saxony transport association

“I hope that politicians will look back and allow the paper ticket. The planned digitization offensive will come one way or another. The paper ticket is intended more for a fringe group, for people who don’t have a smartphone.” The VMS would be able to provide the ticket.

“We would have to advise a person without a smartphone to get a chip card from another company.” This can then also be read out at the VMS.

There is a small catch: the chip card must also be applied for digitally and the question of recharging has not yet been clarified.

Vogtländer rely on tickets via app

The legislator only provides for the “paper ticket” exception for companies that cannot provide digital offers. “We would also recommend people without a smartphone to get a chip card ticket from other providers.” These are currently, for example, the Oberelbe transport association, the Dresden transport company (DVB) and the Central German transport association. The VVV also hopes to be able to plan for the future in the future, but this requires nationwide rules for the ticket, which should only be available until 2024, according to VVV spokesman Holst.

In Dresden has increased demand for chip card tickets

The spokesman for the confirmed that there is an increased demand for the chip card ticket Dresden transport company (DVB), Falk Loesch. “We have already received several thousand orders from new and existing customers. Anyone who wants one can apply for a ticket from us.” Of course, the best way would be online.

Senior representative of the Vogtland: We need an offer on site!

The Vogtland’s senior citizens’ representative, Dagmar Nauruhn, finds it far too complicated to explain these digital subtleties to people here. “We need a local offer,” she says. She hopes for regulations that apply centrally. “That’s why we sent letters to the Federal Ministry of Transport, the State of Saxony, politicians and transport committees.” The problem was discussed and a solution demanded.

An answer to this is not yet available.

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