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Dignitaries from many countries congratulated on the New Year and sent New Year blessings to the Chinese people – China News Service

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Dignitaries from Around the World Extend New Year Blessings to China
February 11, 2024

As the Chinese people celebrate the Lunar New Year, leaders from various countries have extended their New Year blessings and well wishes to China. From Nauru to Sri Lanka, and from the Maldives to Sierra Leone, dignitaries have expressed their hopes for a prosperous and harmonious future.

Nauru President David Ardion conveyed his wishes for the cooperation between Nauru and China to flourish and achieve fruitful results. He also expressed his desire for the friendship between the two nations to be profound and lasting, invoking the symbolism of the dragon to lead both countries to a prosperous future.

Sri Lanka Speaker Abeywardena emphasized the auspicious symbolism of the dragon in Chinese culture, and called for joint efforts to promote friendly cooperation between Sri Lanka and China. He expressed his wishes for world peace and prosperity in the new year.

President Muiz of the Maldives highlighted the Year of the Dragon as symbolizing strength, wisdom, and prosperity, and extended his well wishes for happiness and success to people around the world, including the Chinese population in the Maldives.

Minister of Information and Civic Education of Sierra Leone, Cherno Bach, also conveyed his warm wishes to the Chinese people for a wonderful New Year in the Year of the Dragon, extolling the best of luck for them in Sierra Leone.

Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Putan Wijayachai expressed the willingness of Thailand to work together with China in expanding cooperation in the fields of digital economy and green development. He also emphasized the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” and the building of a more stable, prosperous, and sustainable Thailand-China community with a shared future.

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The well wishes from leaders around the world demonstrate the deepening bonds between China and various nations, and the shared aspirations for a bright and prosperous future for all.

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