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Direct payment stimulus check of $600 dollars announced in the United States

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Direct payment stimulus check of $600 dollars announced in the United States

Hundreds of agricultural workers in California who have been affected by recent mass layoffs will receive a much-needed relief of $600.00 USD. The Employment Development Department (EDD) has allocated a $7 million fund to the California Peasant Cooperative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting agricultural workers in the state.

According to Marco Lizarraga, the executive director of the Peasant Cooperative, the funding will be used for professional development and to provide the $600.00 USD aid to the affected workers. Lizarraga emphasized the organization’s focus on guiding the workers to find new employment opportunities and providing training to enhance their skills.

The relief is specifically aimed at agricultural workers who have been laid off recently, such as those from companies like Prima Wawona, Campbell Soup Supply, and Kern Vineyards, among several others. The support is part of EDD’s efforts to address the widespread impact of mass layoffs on workers in various labor sectors across the United States.

The one-time payment of $600.00 USD will provide much-needed financial assistance to eligible agricultural workers, helping them navigate the challenges brought about by the recent layoffs. The initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden faced by these workers and support them in their efforts to secure new employment opportunities.

In light of the relief effort, the California Peasant Cooperative, in collaboration with EDD, is committed to providing essential support to the affected agricultural workers, ensuring that they receive the assistance they need during these challenging times.

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