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Director of the Colombian Victims Unit resigns at Petro’s request

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Director of the Colombian Victims Unit resigns at Petro’s request

Patricia Tobón, director of the Colombian Victims Unit, announced her resignation this Monday, “with gratitude and respect,” after receiving the request from President Gustavo Petro. She made the announcement through her social networks, where she expressed her gratitude to various sectors that have supported her management.

«I want to thank the victims of the armed conflict, the ethnic and peasant communities, the National Victims Roundtable, the organizations and other sectors that accompanied us in this process. In the same way to the vice president, Francia Márquez, for all her support,” Tobón shared on his X account.

Although the former official did not explicitly mention the reasons behind President Petro’s request for resignation, she did highlight the achievements and challenges that the country faces in relation to the victims of the armed conflict.

«Since my arrival we have not only managed to commit to the highest goals for victim care in the National Development Plan, but we have also achieved the highest budget and the highest compensation in the history of politics. “This was a historic bet,” Tobón stressed.

Likewise, he emphasized the “broad participation process” that characterized the management of the unit, the focus on “durable solutions” to address forced displacement and the “transformation of the institutional framework towards an ethical reference.”

«As an indigenous person, negotiator of the Ethnic Chapter of the Peace Agreement and former commissioner of the Truth Commission, I wish that opportunities will be opened for the victims, their rights will be guaranteed and they will be the center of the discussion in the search for peace and social justice,” Tobón concluded.

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The departure of Patricia Tobón from the direction of the Victims Unit represents a significant change in the government agenda regarding care for victims of the armed conflict in Colombia, and it is expected that more details about this decision will be known in the coming days. .

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